Well folks, it has beeneth a whileth since I was here.

Now for those of you who have lost patience with my lack of posting stuff up here that actually had an effect on your morning deposits into the latrine god of shit, I missed you. The other four hundred of you can fuck off the happy Rainbow Of Death. Seriously though, a lot has gone on while I was away. What with the oil spillage, Gary Coleman kicking the midget bucket, and of course, Goldman and Sach’s claiming resposibility for both the failed bombing attempt, and of the veggie tales death threats.

Life has sure become a lot more interesting. Oh yeah, I’m making good on my promise a while back to write a short with the prophet Muhammed.

One day the Prophet Muhammed walked into a bar with brightly flaring sunglasses, a “I love America” t shirt, and an arm full of crack needles.

The end.

That being said, I feel somewhat better about the circumstances of things. I don’t know how long I’m going to be on this little kick I’ve been on, but rest assured those of you that are left, I will be back in full force. in other news, I’ve taking some interesting vids with my flip. Fun stuff there. and I’ll come clean with you all.

I live with my folks, but that seems to be the trend happening now a days, so why actually fight it? With progress on the book becoming zilch lately because of some… ahem, rather off color remarks I’ve made regaurding a certain someone who shall remain nameless (NOT HAUPTMAN111, THAT PIG FUCKING BITCHWIG!). My parents have decided to simply limit the oppertunities I have in writing. Which affects the progress at which I complete the 10 chapter book, which also affects you the reader, who don’t get to enjoy my little tidbits of wisdom. Trust me… I don’t like this anymore than you do my friends. But I guess we’ll just have to wade through this temporary set back untill things calm down.

On the flip side of this, I have a girlfriend. yes… again. get over it. her name is savannah and i adore her very much! i also love her very much. shes different than my previous irlfriends. we dont have many oppertunities to get together, so we’re both waiting for the stars to allign and give us some reprieve. were in contact with each other everyday, and thats a ood thing.

i guess its mainly a test of patience for us. which im sure well both better off for it. after all, good things come to those who wait right? right…

lets see, story progression wise… hrm thats a toughy. because ive been running through hundreds of potential avenues that would allow me to go back and either add to/ finish previous chapter that i wasnt able to before.

also, a few days ago i posted something to vvc. mind you vvc, i still dont care that ive been banned. i really dont. in fact, im better off for it because lets face it, any problems that i had WHILE i was going there, are in the past, semi poisonous, and no longer really affect me anymore than say, a hen pecking at my hand in the morning when i feed them.

seriously, did you think i would be all boo hoo and shit? lmao. wrongo. but like i said before, things written online, WITH NOTIFICATION THAT THEY ARE FICTIONAL, to somepeople, are just words on a screen. if i gave you some reason to worry that id bee going all psycho on yall asses. dont worry about it. not gonna happen.

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