hey all, just checking in…

It has been quite the while since I wrote  a decent length blog. Well here goes nothing.

You know how a while back I told you VIA FUCKING CELL PHONE TEXT… That I was going to get myself a new Netbook in a few days? Well that few days turned into a few weeks… But it will happen sooner or later… hopefully sooner, because I Don’t know how much more I can take of this shit. I mean, with all the awesome bits and pieces happening in the world right right, it frustrates me to know that I can’t just log on and blog about it. I mean, I missed THE MEATIEST FUCKING pieces about British “Fuck up the oceans…” Petrol. I fucking missed it!

And the other stuff like Sandra Bullock’s breakup? Or the Bachelor break up? I mean son of a bitch!  WTF is happening around here that I can’t get on regularly to insult or praise the fuck out of the worlds greatest screw ups? And this sis to say nothing about VVC, cause I still have some words of wisdom for you little bastards. The Campus Cops… not the students, they’re awesome… except for a few individuals I’ll name sooner or later.

Oh well… Anyways. last night or the night before, I forget which, i walked home from the mall and updated my status like crazy. Why? I felt like it, and it passed the time as my battery was doing its best Ron Jeremy like endurance run. And trust me… I put that sucker through the friggin ringer. and here they are:

I am just passing riteaid on my trek home. Updates in 5min intervals. On my way home from the mall on bearvalley rd.

Passed food for less and approaching 5th and bear valley.

Passed third and bv rd. Also passed a funeral home next to a auto shop. All i can say is wtf.

Passed by the desert valley medical center, and aproaching a CVS pharmacy. Actually a pretty nice night out.

Tis 9:56pm at time of sending. Just passed the foundry and foundry a watermelon.

On peach. Following this till i get home. That watermelon hit the spot.

On fresno street. My pants are falling down. Never truly know how big this place is till you walk a few miles. I am only a few houses away. Need to feed horses.

Also, the mystery of the happiness level concerned bartender shall also be put to rest. Her names Becka and she really does remind me of a woman I knew way back when. It’s almost a little interesting while I was there. Didn’t talk much, though I got four to six glasses of water out of the whole ordeal. So I guess I’m pretty happy about that.

Also, I kinda made the mistake of flirting with a woman that I thought was in her midtwenties to early thirties… but was infact around thirty years oldeer then me. Wow. If that don’t scream oh my fucking mistaken identity, I really don’t know what does. What else is there? There wasnt really much to say to her. And apparently I have a few new subbers? Welcome to the group… lemme check here….

For the new guys:

Bernardmupe and Twi-hards… interesting names…  anyways, check em out when you get the chance to, because I’m sure they are friggin awesome.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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