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alrighty folks, time for the good stuff you keep hoping to read in my blogs. my little lovely blogstalkers! i say that proudly. folks, i am an understanding guy, one that constantly allows the belittlement of myself because i dont want to ruffle any feathers, but if i get ruffled up enough or for the right reasons, then i really do get a bit pissed and yell my heado ff.

first off, id like to talk to you about forgiveness anf forgetting it all at the same time. now apparently this has been a rather reacurring theme in my blogs, not so much the stories, but just the blogs. forgiveness is a great thing to have because it could be used to the greater good or greatest dtetriment of mankind.

im talking mainly of people who take cookies from the cookie jar and then go “who me?” and i go, “yes you! who put there hands of the cookie jar!?” and then promptly wlak away while they do it again.

but folks, now is not the time for me to be giving the “ok walk over me” speech, today is a new start for me, a new year full of promise and prosperity that only a few people will ever get to know. im talking of course about the eery habit of certain organizations who shall remain nameless butwhos acronym letters are the beginning to the wrods “A Sling Blade”

for years now ive ranted and raved, someitmes at the same time about the workings of the asb, and those of certain members who shall remain nameless as well, cause ive talked about them enough for you to know who they are. and on some rare occasions sneezed on the screen while writing ones name.

im angry because at this point in time i thought that they wouldve moved on and forgotten that oh so idiotic time in my life where i was just the biggest fucking coward i could think of, and forgave it. but lo and behold that the angels of “what the fuck” have reared there little heads and given the middle finger of “told you so”.

folks, i went to ask a lady out for lunch, and then asked if i  could have her number because i wanted to have her number in case plans for lunch changed or i wanted to let her know that the item of lunch epicness would not be in stock, because it would become an item of dinner epicness.

but what divine decision came to grett me instead? the idea that me having her number would not be a good idea. wow, this one really takes me back. but i got the mesage, and that message was “this si an uncomfartable subject and while were around the people that constantly berate you for something unequivicaly mundane and pasttense, i cannot be seen handing this out to you.”

that, i think, mightve been a no. although im not really sure. could have been a maybe not. but that aside i left it alone because i didnt want to make a scene about it and get into a rather pointless and ridiculous argument about the finer points of my current psychological state of mind, nor would i want to get into another deep seeded argument with a nother person in question about why this took place.

ill tell you why: because im taking a firmer standing on this whole dating thing. im going forth into a world fileld with the hopeless remorse that dating is a war between guys that want to have lunch, and women who think all guys want is to get inside there lunch boxes. i dont know about you, but i think hungry before norny is my answer to everything.

if i had to choose between getting laid and getting lunch on my last day of life, i would choose getting lunch. and getting laid. at the same time. because i can have my cake and eat her too. lol.

but aside from the usually forthcoming slew of bad jokes, stupid reasoning and angry sentiment, i had decided that i was not happy with this at all. so i wrote this blog about it. not because i wanted to divert my energy into something probably more fortunate, but because i wanted to divert my energy into somethng that i knew would drain me of energy. much like jerking off at 4:05 in the monring twice does to a quadruple amputee with pasly. you know thats funny.

so i leave you with this final thought… huh?

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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