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ive been really really busy trying to get some stories completed and even came up with a very ambitious project, ambiguosly shorted to promised souls, because titles like that are just fucking too long. anyways, major updates are mainly for delmer and dr3arms, might do something new for demeonte, but im not so sure what, maybe another book of lyrics or something?

anyways, time  for al ist of updates. and im not really sure shy the html on this is so fucked up and gives you two lines breaks instead of one, but i guess myspace is trying to make up for some other inadequacies. anyways, to the updates.


1. promised souls
 A. the grefnu: year one (written by dr3arms)
     a.1. matt and monte fight the flaming skeleton
        a.1.1. the kingdom of ice
        a.1.2. the kingdom of balance (planning)
        a.1.3. the kingdom of fire (planning)
 B. the trelent: year one (written by delmer)
     b.1. the first of the five leaders of the trlent
        b.1.1 the problems we face
 C. the stogh: year one (written by demeonte)
     c.1. stable housing or lower ground?
        c.1.1. squigs path, to the foot of the mountians
        c.1.2. ceros path, reasoning with the sky flarn
        c.1.3. slims path, stable homes
D. the clarv: year one (written by xdshadowscythe)
    d.1. troll, trent, and the boiling candy lakes
    d.2. dan jorg, evil and good pure and crystal lake
    d.3. bo fu chan, vs fu huo vs guan chou on the grassy plains
    d.4. gar and the undead
    d.5. justin and the beginning of the oblivion war  

me thinks that this will get a shit load bigger in the next couple of weeks. ill keep everyone posted on any new updates from these four accounts, because i love me some writing.

also on a side note, i might go back to add four more parts to sogno trono just to wrap up some loose ends between the the end of sogno trono and the beginning of ti amo. which should be fairly interesting, but im guess that this can wait for a little bit. since i nearly got the quartet series nearly completed (oh, and im thinking about writing the fith in the series, dont know what its going to be called, but i do know that its going to be good!)

let see what else is there?

oh yeah! zenith prophecy! i finally got started on it a week ago again, and that suckers been kicking my ass for longer then i can remember. anyways the only update i have for you guys that are chomping at the bit to get to reading it, is just two peices. im gonna limit myself to three parts per chapter. since there are around seven, nearly six left, this kinda means that ive got 21 parts left to write.so yeah… thats going to be cool.

what else is there, oh yeahanother thing, since ive got a massive list of projects going thatn eed to be worked on, i can afford to shoot out a couple of one shots every now and then…..till next time!

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