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ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok  folksy dolksy! time for another blog of entertaining thoughts, mispelled conceptions and animosity towards something that i get quite confused over. but first, id like to witness the birth of jesus crist into our modern world of tech and gadgets and shit myself as he actually knows how to program a good computers, make a decent movie with out fucking glittery vamps, and show people the there is a heaven for emo people. and its called clubemo.com.yes, ill let you drink it in.

club EMO. a dating site for people that like to cut themselves while thinking no loves them. because now they can stop doing that alone, and do it with someone they love! together, well have bleeding emos running around the world, getting married, and having baby emos that have already cut themselves, because, well. the world needs more fucked up people with bad myspace photos.

look folks, im not going to lie here, you all know my disposition against emo people, being a former temp emo, only for a day, dont get angry at me just yet, i know the injustice this world seems to doll out on a daily basis and for you blog stalkers out there. im sure you know this too.

even though i could get all pissy at emo people for making bands like mcr, the white stripes, and that one country band that was like listening to nails on a chalk board by a woman giving birth to a spiked ball, i know that emo people having feelings too. they just need to feel them a little bitl ess and let us get on with our lives.

the fact that theres actually a site where it tells you how many points you are to being completely emo is just ridiculos. i bet theres a list of top ten things. number one bieng killing yourself and number ten being writing depressing peoms about how lifes unfair and even though there rich and fmaous they arent happy at all. why?

because emo is the root of all evil. or maybe it simply shows a different sideo f humanity that we havent explored yet, the side of us that simply lives from one extreme to another. from the igh times of listening to grumpy bands with penis dispositions to the low one time experience of letting your life go to shit and then throwing yourself in front of a train.

yeah, good times for all right? but on a more psychological note, i might wiki this up, but i find it a rather depresing and disturbing (more disturbing then red rumone? damn straight.) that todays youth is often lost in there journey to find there true self. i mean, we have some groups of black kids that want to be like fity cent and get shot nine times before they try to make a record deal. and the other seventy five percent just want to live normal lives while trying to forget that there great great grand parent came over on ships, hell i think thats the least important part of there history.

and then we have mexican kids that are home grown to believe that they should act pissy to get the girl and cause trouble whenever there feeling like the worlds against them. shit we keep hearing about stupid people forming gangs to protect themselves and there inner minds from the reality that the world is actually a hard place to live  in.

education is also something i want to talk about because lets face it. do we really need a little peice of paper to tell us that we are smart enough to do the job? dont get me wrong, education is important, but i miss the good ol days of people setting trails for themselves, and not getting stuck in there fmailies footsteps. im the kind of guy that obviosly is just random as hell so i think im doing a pretty good job myself.

but the way educating future generations is something that obviosly needs to be revamped for the betterment of mankind all together. but i know that people are going to whine and bitch about how hardlife is for them. get a fucking clue. were already at the medias mercy with there advertising that you need to have chisiled features and big boobs in order to get any where in this demented place we call life.

but dont get me wrong folks, there are some hundreds of people that do make a good enough living for themselves thatn one of this effects them. hell they have enough for private islands so why not buy the tech for cloning and mass produce the worlds food supply, shit, buy a couple of hundred underwater acres and build homes there!

the thing about life today is that were slowly running out of supplies and people are just trying to survive with the screwed up system that the us has seemingly driven itself into. hell, we were doing fine until the 1970s when all hell began to break loose because a few people began to think we needed this hellish cycle in our lives to be calm. and then they started snipping this and that till there wasnt anything left but a cut out of what they wanted life to be like for us.

simply put, every 15 or so years were going to have this kind of melt down of economy to where the president of the time will go say “we will prevail! what doesnt kill us will make us stronger!” in truth, i guess in a way thats kinda true about the saying. but does it actually help? i mean the only way we can recover from this ressesion, depression, explosion of wealth cycle is if we just put back into the goverment what was taken out and let the old wounds heal.

we need to stop relying on other sourse of wealth or well never get out of debt, everything ive heard these days is about how sad the world is, boo hoo, shit, if your that fucking whiny about shit then go look for emo singsle  on clubemo.com a place where all the worlds cutters can fuck and cut each other till they bleed happily ever after.

i feel some what better. i really  do.

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