something from the past

Yo, this is just an update thing that I’ll be well… updating. Anyways,  I’ll be adding some new stuff to this occasionaly that will be fucking epic. Trust me on this, I know epic writing. Mind you, it’ll ooks crappy, but its defenatley awesome none the less.

1. dr3arms

Infinite web, the charcoaled remains of the promised souls
1. the grefnu: year one
2. the trelent: year one
3. the stogh: year one
4. the clarv: year one thread stories
1. red rumone
2. ballins mouth
3. the blobbiest bitch
4. the adventures of the midnight vulture
5. ABW
6. what is a cazul?

One shots
1. pain
2. mechanical hearts
3. angels heart and demons mind
4. two hearts beating as one
5. i love you, my sloumate forever more
6. random girl
7. the burning rage
8. endings
9. princess heenas ridiculous story
10. the debate of factions
11. a dark flare emerges

The galactic captains log of cerevantes de grand
1. drunk entries
2. sober entries

2. XDshadowscythe

A tale of two antons
Zenith prophecy

3. Demeonte

  1. My book of lyrics

4. Delmer

  1. sogno della dinistia complete
     1. divertente della amuleto
     2. infinito sentiero
     3. sogno trono
     4. ti amo caasi

  2. My omegle experiences
     1. the stupid stuff
     2. the serious stuff

  3. My storymash observations
     1. forums
     2. personal

  4. Operating the path to oblivion
  5. Deeper then hell itself
  6. Reliving dreams of the past
  7. Tick tock

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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