Big brother voice is a big dick

Okay, is it just me, or has the dude watching the houseguests had the bitchy pill force fed him by artillery cannon? I am addicted to the bbad and regular show. I came to love the show at the much loved chima incident. So i know for a fact that the voice of the mighty bb series, pro duke tion, is verily bitchy this year. In fact, the only this season is going to do for that guy is give him his own show, in which he just yells out commands. The peons cant sing, be without a mike, talk about diary room or production, touch the camera, or act like themselves. So for any of these things, Bb voice, which is like that of a lousy woodshop teacher, gives them a slap on the hand via speaker system. Im just waiting for the guy to lose the calm and start metal bark at these guys to get results. But that could draw attention away from the players themselves. Hell, i would gladly take the job if i could yell out commands in grisly tones. Hell i would pay for the
drill instructor from full metal jacket to take over this season. Just to stir the pot for the hell of it. I also think it would do the show a bit of good to cut off random things like showers, lights, access to the pool, food, water, beer, billards, have them stand for three hours where ever they are at the moment. You know, just really fuck them over mentally so we get some great fights out of the whole thing. Another thing is to cut the voice and chats with chen as well. Not letting them know whats going on at all. I mean, if they wanted to really give the series a run for its money, they could expand the set to four different houses and multiply the amount of people to… 13 x 4 is 52 people. And have them live there for a year with no contact with the outside world. A redesign of the cameras where theyed be hidden from view would be a plus. Well, thats it from me. Cant wait to see what happens tonight.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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