welcome, one and all! to THE greatest blog of all time… this month.

Okay, I’m tired of people insulting me on Youtube, just because I’ve not uploaded anything in a year and a half. And even then, jackwagons that do see a video of mine from way the Hell back when, THINK THAT IVE EFFING UPLOADED THE DAMNED THING THIS AFTERNOON!

Can they not see the upload date? Or has the acne cream blurred their vision that much, that only a swift machine gun like bitch slap or fist pump if their from jersey shore… can set them straight?

I find that responding in kind to what they post, much like a band going rouge and recording an album directed at humiliating a certain pain in the ass critic, really hits the message home to them.

That message is that I don’t care what you think. I still rock, and you still have high school in seven hours.

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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