emo clouds…

you know what, im irritated. this has nothing to do with the book. it just feelsl ike im just fucking irritated at all the fucking bullshit i have to put up with, so then im just fucking limited to the goddamned stories i write. and how fucked up is that? i mean, does it even matter anymore what the hell i write? because inevitably, people will just come to hate my work regaurdless of the fucking effort i put into it? does it even matter to me anymore? because really, im so fucking introverted that even my inner monolog thinks i need to lighten the fuck up! WHY!? seriously? is it really this hard to live a life anymore where someone isnt fucking paranoid about one thing or another?

i mean, come on! there has to be something more to this life than waking up and deciding that no matter what, things will just be the same, because werep redestined to fucking screw things up no matter what the hell we do. oooooh, i get it now… or dont i? am i stupid? am i fucking retarded? am i just some cultureless jackass, hanging onto mortalities fucking thread because a) dont want to die, B) IM TOO FUCKING LAZY! AND IM FUCKING SICK OF IT! DO YOU THINK I HAVE TRIED THE WHOLE IM GETTING A JOB THING!? REALLY!? NO!? WELL FUCK YOU! I HAVE!

i figure, what the fuck is the fucking point in getting a job when youre just going to get fired! i mean, i have everything figured out just by that one fucking motto “ill try anything once”

and it means just that. once, finite, singular, and dont you think ive wrung out every fucking possibility!? WELL I FUCKING HAVE YOU TARDS! I HAVE! IVE DONE VIDS ON FUCKING YOUTUBE, IVE WRITTEN SNOOTY ASSED JACKWAGON BLOGS! IVE DONE THE WHOLE IM SOOOOO FUCKING HYPED ABOUT MLMS! YAY ME! fucking facebook!

oh dont get me started on the god damned past, because apparently, thats all i can fucking think about when im in the god damned back yard! YES, THATS RIGHT, IVE ADMITTED IT! I FUCKING THINK ABOUT THE PAST, THE FUTURE, AND EVERY FUCKING THING INBETWEEN! it sucks, it really does, and im not saying this to be a fucking prat, or maybe i am? who the flying fuck knows anymore!

ive got people spying on me hoping i dont say the wrong things or “OOPS THERE GO THE POTENTIAL SALES OF THE BOOK BECAUSE YOU HAD TO OPEN YOUR DAMNED MOUTH AND SPEAK YOUR MIND!” oh really? im sorry, what, im supposed let the world walk all over me because thats pretty much what every hate mongering sumbitch in that goddamned group thinks of me? im a jackass? a hooligan? THE FUCKING DEVIL ACCORDING TO SOME FUCK HEADED RENT A COP, WITH LESS COMMON SENSE THAT A PENNY ON A RAIL ROAD TRACK!?

oh, im not apologizing for that. im sorry, but when someone does something out of the ordinary, dont you think theres a reason they acted out of said ordinary!? and who the fuck said im fucking ordinary!? im wild, im crazy, im slightly below the insane level, cause thats how i fucking role. i dont care anymore, because im just stuffed away like some fragile creature.

“OH DONT LET HIM GET ROUGH, HE MIGHT BREAK!” oh im sorry, am i not made out of the same stuff as you? did i miss the whole “morgans made of glass” bandwagon people seem to be jumping on, because lets face it folks, theo nly real reason youve subbed is to see what kind of fucked up moronic bullshit im going to say next! and most of you dont give a damn, its a whole sub for sub thing. and maybe i just want someone to talk to and just vent with out twenty fucking pschos making me apologize for SOMETHING I FUCKING WROTE OUT OF FRUSTRATION!

 and i thought we had the freedom to just vent our asses off! of course we do, and people use that to their fucking advantage all the fucking time! oh my god, hes stalking me! WHAT THE FLYING FUCK! YOU THINK JUST BECAUSE YOU SEE ME ALL OVER THE GOD DAMNED PLACE THAT IM FOLOWING YOU ON CAMPUS!? FUCK THAT SHIT, IVE OT STUPID THINGS TO BE DOING WITH MY GOD DAMNED TIME, AND RATHER THEN FOLLOW SOME HALF BAKED ASS HAT AROUND, GET THREATENED BY HER FRIENDS, AND THEN MYSTERIOUSLY BECOME THE VILLIAN OF THE COLLEDGE BECAUSE OF WHAT I FUCKING WRITE…. well hell…. im mighty brave behind the screen.

but at least i put my face out there. if im a jack ass, people know who i look like. unlike those god damned cowards on youtube, the ones thatp ut up videos get knocked down constantly. and then you have fuck heads making fun of stupidity because lets face it, if you have haters, YOU MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGHHHHH! thats pirate talk for fuck you ass munching butt plugs, because im pissed off right now and hungry and the only thing i had to fucking eat was a pizza!

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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