hubus acu… VIDEO!

Our Doxie, Hunter, recently had a weird malady come onto him, like every awards cerimony to arrive on TV. Evah.  He had some spine problems so we went to see our vet dude about the problem and left Hubu there for a few nights for observation. And boy did they observe. And Xray as well. Anyways, we went back when we were told that everything was in order, and the vet dude showed us the Xrays, telling us there was an allignment problem midway in his backbone that kinda arched upward, and that the resulting pressure on the spinal cord itself was causing him to act like half the dog he usually wasn’t.

So they had given him some Cortizone shots and that seemed to reduce the swelling. Next we went to go see the Holistic Vet in… I forget where. But I taped Hubu’s first acupuncture, 13 minutes and 30 seconds. That seemed to do the trick, since the little dude’s hopping around like he’s on doggy crack or something. 

I hope we can get the back problem taken care of, cause I dont think I could stand holding another Doxie while it dies in my arms again… that was kinda horrible to experience. That’s a tale for another time.

And from there… I had recently been tooling around with an idea. But, I’m going to be a dick and not share it with you.


I’m so fucking bored out of my fucking head. Lately I’ve been bored to death writing, which is why I hadn’t reallly posted much here for the past few weeks. Although our dearest little Hauptman hasn’t really posted much either since March, it’s for the same reason Brian hasn’t posted much as well. But that’s neither here nor there. Still… I’m just incredibly bored at the moment. Lately I’ve been playing an oldy but goody GTA SA for the PS2. That’s right folks, I’m stuck in the past generation of consoles! Not that I want to be, Hell, if it was up to me, then I’d be getting a PS3, 360 and whatever the Hell else is out there. But, during these tough economic times, when Lohans and Gibsons are really the only actual noteworthy news out there, I kinda get the sense that no matter what, America as a whole, has kinda fucked itself.


Well, how else do you explain the fact that the news of late really hasn’t been that interesting, That Michelle Obama’s bitching at Barrack for one thing or another. I tell you, its gotta be a PR nightmare. That aside, I can’t really say much.


I recently read an article about teens not getting into the senior prom because of how they looked in the dresses they chose, while at the same time, girls who “Looked the outfit” got in without any problems what-so-ever. 

WTF!? Look, I know personally that teachers are bigoted, self righteous idiots whose only actual concern is pumping great test scores out of kids so they don’t lose their jobs. As well as apparently dissing fat chicks in awesome dresses. This doesn’t really bode well with me at all. I know that the teachers concerned don’t represent the whole, but as it is, I’m just too friggin lazy to go through the trouble and linking the article. Yeah right. Anyways, so far…. it’s still pretty lame. 

I recently went to Howloween city  in Hesperia to see if I could throw together a constume for what I envisioned Demeonte Dorikame, a character from “The Dorikame Saga”, would look like. I found the mask, found the trenchcoat, and I have the gel, now if I could only find a plastic scythe big enough, we’d have ourselves an awesome time. 

To be honest folks, I hadn’t really found the “All Hallow’s Eve” to be that big a deal, and my lack of excitement for the holiday is somewhat linked to the little siezure I had a while back. Fucked my mind something fierce. That and the other thing… on to the dating scene!

Which is…. not all that active. 

I know that there are women out there whod think I was a catch if I only put the time and patience into the experience of courting, but at the same time, I get distracted easily lately, and the last thing I’d want to do is piss off a potential girlfriend. Seriously… 

But I guess when it comes down to it, all we really need is a bit of focus to get done what we really DO need to get done. There’s no shame in admitting that there is something wrong in the focus department, I rather like the challenge. There is no “but” people, get over it. The only part about the whole thing is that I have great confidence, I love it to death. Sometimes, it just has to take a back seat to what really matters in the world.

Writing the damned intro to the fourth book… 

I’m not writing to complain, nor am I writing to provoke another “War” as my kindly, loving, somewhat jaded family member puts it. I’m writing simply to share my wealth of vast and intricate knowledge of various points of bullshit with the world! Lol, that might’ve been dangerous had I said penis instead of bullshit. 

Usually I’m very enthralled with Bill Mahr’s show, I just really wasn’t as interested in it as I would usually be in the various debates and isolated redundancies in our socio-economic structure and how it effects the political systems for better or worse. That or the reality that we’d have to be butt buddies with Mexico sometime in the future because of how the media’s turning our country into a cesspool of wheelchair bound, overweight, leather tux wearing idiots with nothing better to do than go spotlighting at a club on friday night. 

One of those two.

In fact, since I had recently become obsessed with the TMZ site and all it has to offer via cell phone, all I’ve been reading lately is about “As the Lohan turns” and “One Oksana To Live… Richly” news opera’s that seem to pervade, and trustfully rape our minds with useless facts about a drunk’s Father telling the reporters that others were responsible for his daughter’s drinking habits and the cautionary tale of an abusive Jew haters ex-GF/Mother of his kid revealing tapes of said Jew hater being abusive. 

Fucking Disney. They get all the good children’s movie ideas.

But rest assured that I love each of my readers… but not my blog stalker, him… he can burn in Hell. alongside Hitler, Khan, and the person that created “Darma and Greg”.

my little thoughts. and why would they EVER be little?

Yadda… Fuck it… you know how lately there has defenately been a lack of entertaining crap from me? Well, my minds been frying from all the overdrive I’ve been pushing through and to tell you the truth, I’m just burnt out. Not even that, I’m practically a cinder from all the stuff that’s been floating through my head. I’m worried about many things. Things that I shouldn’t even be worrying about and yet I do. It just goes to show that no matter what happens in life, we can always be assured that somehow, things will always become a burden. I don’t know why exactly.

Maybe it’s because I put too much pressure on myself to perform to the best of my ability, and yet somehow always end up draggin myself down the same dusty road time and time again like something new will happen. I’m not complaining by any means, I’m simply stating what’s on my mind. A tactic, I’ve noticed that ticks people off. I don’t know why it does this, its just either a gift or a curse that I have. I lose friends as quickly as I gain them, and in the short or longer time I know them, and they know me, the greater the distance becomes for some reason.

I have a great friend in Blake. He’s my main man, a little off at times, but all the same. A great friend.

Although I shouldn’t worry about anything, it kinda fucks my mind about right there that ignoring certain issues has become quite the achievement for me. Yes, I mispelled that word, and have at best, spent the better part of five minutes frustrated over the little things. I’ve recently signed up for a dating site with an actual subscription, just to test the waters. But even then, I’m as agile with charm as a fish going down a greasy razor filled hill. Not the greatest anology, but it sums up my main thing I’m trying to get at here.

I don’t know how to flirt. I’m lousy at it, and yet for the same reasons I doubt myself, I go for it with a flare unlike that of the wrestlers namesake. I just don’t really have it, or maybe I do? lmao, but rather then get down on myself and weigh all the possible angles from which I can at any point in time screw something promising up, I find that no matter what the result, the outcomes still the same. It’s almost as if I’m swimming against the current, and the more I try, and greater force is pressed up against me. But I find that taking a dive from time to time, though relieving myself from the daily frustration of it all, has a downside. What that downside is though, I don’t know.

Well, all that aside, I’m fairly happy with how interesting… that’s word I’m using… things have become. Should the need arise for me to rise from my stupid hidey hole, and actually make something of myself (Already have, just venting.) I wouldn’t really know where to begin. It almost feels like the weight I carry from no other reason than just to see how far I can go before falling over and laughing at stupidity of it all. Because it really is simply a useless byproduct of human ingenius. To some extent of course.

 I can’t feel bad for myself. I’m not going to. As much as it stings and burns, and God knows what else, I’m going to have to tough it out. because like it or not, the question of my sanity remaining from persuing yet another course of action that may, or may not, make any progress is simply the conglomeration of many years of trial and error.

Should it really matter in any case?
Does the treasure befit the dungeon of which we have to crawl into? Stupid analogy, but it works all the same. The healed and hidden scars don’t make things any easier. I can’t stop thinking of her. that damned woman.. or women, depending on my view of things. Nor of that room with those people staring at me, expecting some sort of actual treasure from me. God I hate those memories of that place, those people, their damned googly eyes that stare blankly into the abyss and wonder if there’s warmth in it.

God it frustrates me to no end that I actually had to endure them. Their damned rumors.  It’s in the past, and regardless if I want the memory of it all or not… it’s there to stay. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, I need to slap myself a few times and get passed this anger I have. And I feel so useless to do anything about it, but I use it none the less.

Doesn’t seem funny to you the reader? That you read these words, and pause to the fact that maybe the world would be better off with one less person in it? That no matter the challenges we face, we all end up being forgotten at one point or another when enough people have passed?

Only the greats get remembered for the rest of time. The rest of us seem to just fall down the cracks and stay muddled in with other people. but i get let this get me down. I have to make people happy, make them laugh, do the dance they want me to do, shut up and fall in line.

How can we be so free, and at the same time feel like were nothing more then puppets on slowly unraveling string?

Man oh man… the things I write huh?

AAAAAAAQAAAAA! damn straight im leaving the q in there.

Okay folks, I’m trying to get back into the habit of rugularly updating this thing. Mainly to stave off the freaking boredom of figuring out how to avoid becoming bored… and I’m failing. fuck a duck.

Ah…. 9/11… Fuck.

Hello again folks, you know, as much as I want to et past this freaky deaky writers block thing… I can’t. and not because 9/11 popping up tomorrow. It’s simply because my mind really just is not in the right frame of mind at the moment. I don’t know what it is… I keep trying to make the story into something its not. You know, give it meaning? When of course, there isn’t really supposed to be any meaning attached to it… I just feel all.. blah…

You know that feeling you get whenever you hit a wall? Well it seems like I’m at the point. I mean, I was in the shower this afternoon trying to figure out which route I should take with it. Should it be that Morgan’s actually in a coma while all this is going down? Am I trying to turn this into something that might have an impact on societies crack heads? 


It’s fucking ridiculous is what it is. I mean, I have these massive projects I’m writing by myself, and anytime I try to bring in writers, they get pissy and scared of the monster.


More than that is the simple fact that my minds not really working the way its supposed to. Like it ever has to begin with. I guess what’s keeping me from getting my work done right is just stress. I dont know why this is, but apparently, it happens to people.

A lot.
More than I truly know. You know what, just out of curiousity, I’m going to see what the ol Hauptman’s been up to. I don’t think its much to be honest.

Wow… I cannot find a single trace of his web page. Let’s try Myspace. Nope, nothing. I would’ve expected Brian to at least gloat or what not. but then again, I don’t expect much… Ah well. Geez, what else is bugging me? A lot actually. Rather then whine away the hours like a military lap dog, (literally), I shall simply bid it Adu…. and go with that.

Also… i really need to get back in shape. I’m starting to develope “love knockers”… not boobs… Just that little side of flub in my sides. “love knockers”… lmao!

Oh yeah, duh… 9/11 is coming up. I can’t believe I almost forgot about that.

Where were you all when the towers went down?

Myself, I was getting ready for highschool, and I was going to wear my duster I got from Australia the year before, when I heard the news. I looked at the TV we had in the living to see all these people just freaking the Hell out, but I didn’t get it. I just saw the tip of the ice berg. Later that day, I came home wanting to watch the toons for that day. I couldn’t because people were still talking bout the event, and they showed footage of Tower One going down, then Tower two, and finally of a single person jumping out the window.

I remember ealier that day in English class feeling like the wind had been knocked out of me, like thousands of voices were screaming in my mind, wanting to know why this had happened to them, like the way things were wasn’t good enough. It was the worst feeling I ever had. Our teachers that day let us out a hour earlier than usual. But, no matter how I sliced it, or anyone sliced it, we couldn’t have understood why these people did something like this.

Thats when I started to dislike President Bush. That’s when all these stupid theories about him being linked to the event, to the deaths of over three thousand people, of red tape slapping the american public across the face like some step child who simply wanted to know the truth started to pop up.

Why us? What did we do so wrong that people from across the ocean decided to kill not, only themselves, but innocents too. I don’t pretend like I’m blind to the evils of others or of myself.

I don’t blink anymore whenever I hear the words ‘Suicide’ and ‘Bomber’ strung together in the same sentence.
I dont cower in fear in the face of possible harm because I’m not a coward.
I choose not to show emotion and wear a plastic smile just to piss those people, those fucking ignorant jack asses who think they can win by fear or threats of death, right the fuck off.

But I digress, alot has happened since that day. And I’m finding myself more and more burnt out from these constant reports of death and destruction over seas, on the homefront, or of a family member getting a disease that isn’t curable. I’m getting burnt out from the reports of the school shootings where people that simply got pushed aside or teased like Hell, or just had some fucking chips on their shoulder couldn’t take it.

Folks, I’m simply getting burnt up, down, in and out over any stupid thing now a days. What was it that we had that made them think to do this?

Did they not like the fact we ate ham, that women had the right to speak their minds and not get slammed in the face with a rock for it?
Did they not like our starbucks waiting lines, or our happiness?

Who, I ask, gave them permission to take away what wasn’t theirs? No one. And now we’re tazing them in the face with a chainsaw for what they’ve done. We’ve neutered them in such an epic way, that the only way they can make themselves feel important is by showing us a dead guy’s tapes. A fucking dead guy with a failed heart and mind, who’s so up his own ass that if ever there was a moment in time where he deserved to be locked in the stockades, and have every red and blue blooded American line up and force a cactus filled with fire ants, down his throat, would be this time.

You know what? The terrorshits think they’ve won because they offed a few thousand of our people. 

Lol… stupid fuckers. Let’s have them ask Japan.

Well, I’ve got to get this edited and sent. God bless you folks.

God bless America.

bleh… its just been one of those days, you know?

Well folks, I’m back… for now… or maybe not even at all. Its been a weird couple of weeks since I last posted an actually intellible blog post. And yes, I was talking about the Tech Support Guy crap I did a few days back. To be honest, I’m just kinda wiped the fuck out. My brains on overdrive at the moments because, well, I’ve got too many fucking projects and I desperately need more writers…. but that’s niether here nor there. I’m just overwhelmed by what needs to be done at the moment, so many books, so many lists, so much of everything to be honest. I’m kinda fucked in a way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, its a very soothing process from me. But it just seems the that more I look at things, the more complex it gets. I like complexity, it’s just that I don’t like things getting too complex or I just start to waver.

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