hubus acu… VIDEO!

Our Doxie, Hunter, recently had a weird malady come onto him, like every awards cerimony to arrive on TV. Evah.  He had some spine problems so we went to see our vet dude about the problem and left Hubu there for a few nights for observation. And boy did they observe. And Xray as well. Anyways, we went back when we were told that everything was in order, and the vet dude showed us the Xrays, telling us there was an allignment problem midway in his backbone that kinda arched upward, and that the resulting pressure on the spinal cord itself was causing him to act like half the dog he usually wasn’t.

So they had given him some Cortizone shots and that seemed to reduce the swelling. Next we went to go see the Holistic Vet in… I forget where. But I taped Hubu’s first acupuncture, 13 minutes and 30 seconds. That seemed to do the trick, since the little dude’s hopping around like he’s on doggy crack or something. 

I hope we can get the back problem taken care of, cause I dont think I could stand holding another Doxie while it dies in my arms again… that was kinda horrible to experience. That’s a tale for another time.

And from there… I had recently been tooling around with an idea. But, I’m going to be a dick and not share it with you.

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