okay, time to get back into the swing of things!

Through the various inconsistencies with all major philisophical types, archtypes, and socioeconomic boundries, I’ve become rather trite and disillusioned by the process through which every living thing constantly needs to feel like they are at the very least immortal. This positive iconic belief that we all live forever despite the process of death in front of us is never really accepted into modern society. Though I fear that the very few who have distinctly opened their eyes to the subject matter itself, have indeed taken it to the extreme, through which they involuntarily extridite the process for unwilling individuals.

Are they remorseful of their actions when meditated upon? Do they truly see the err of their ways, only to comply with the sudden and distrubed urge to place upon a fellow citizen the ending of their life? How can we truly understand that which we can neither gain quarter or victory? If life is the ever compelling of matter which breathes and thinks, then why must it becomes so vital that we have but the faintest sparks of it in the universe?

These questions, I do suppose are incouraged by other to be questions, some actually come up with intellectually stimulating answers, and therefor make of themselves a vital part of history. Though it ponders me still to have the question, the answer, and the reason why some people feel the varocious need to epitimize the overall moral consequences of someone elses actions. Do we truly know what we are doing? Do we actually set forth upon the journey of life, blinded only by what we don’t know? If so, then why should it be allowed to correspond with the everyman vices every human being seems to exibit?

Truth of lies… such a ponderingly inane sense of right or wrong can’t truly be justified through the constant guilt tripped cross examination of life, or whether the accounts of one person are true or not. Through out any persons truest emotional recoil from a tradgedy or comedy of their choosing, we seemed to have proliferate the staus quo.

Should it be allowed to persist through out the various media outlets, where the opinions and thoughts of that medium become so ingrained in our daily focus, that we can no longer bare our own thoughts and actions? or does it simply mean that through out our lives, we will be directed to think and act as others who think they have rank over our own positions for the rest of our short time?

This is by no means a directive to feel saddened by the words you read, nor is it a command to behave aproovingly. This is simply an account of my thoughts, meant neither to persue the light, nor increase the mental darkness within your mind.

There are few acceptions to these states of mind, wherein humans have achieved some modicum of happiness, individuality, and success with out being as overbaord as to lay claim to an island that was never really theirs to begin with. It simply means finding the point of focus that creates the positive spectrum for yourself. I do believe that every single person has a mental image of what they would like to look like, and thats acceptable unless you find yourself bedraggled to look into the mirror and face the person you are.

Are you the accentric type, whose motives and actions are owned only by yourself? Or are you the singularity amongst the heavenly number of other similiar persons like yourself? There are the unfortunate few who seem to have forgotten about the civility of life, the moral compass of society, and the extriditing process through which we are “allowed” to live.

Simple arrogance has no place inside our minds. Instead, you should find yourself in tune with your inner happiness. How you find it of course, is completely up to you!

Finally! A reason to crack golf jokes.

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” “FORE!” “MAGIC MISSILE, MAGIC MISSILE, OUT OF MANA!” “DONT TAZE ME BRO!” why? Because i love ya. Kinda. In a discount store way. During a going out of business way. More than that, ive got a secret. I LOATHE GLITTERY VAMPS. With that out of the way, dunno. Lost my train of thought again. Been happening a lot lately, dont know why. Mahatma prishnu vrata tuluthriv. Dont know what it means but its definitely fun to write. Try it some time! Here at the chopra center at some city i dont remember, i keep looking at the same chica. Kinda bugging me.

technology, the universe, and craig daniels puckered lips.

This is a first for me, as I’ve never contributed to anothers Posterous before. So mosal. I wont use pictures, though I will submit one really embarrassing video, then move on to the main article. Which you know already. Because you… clicked the title. Duh.

This is what I equate Google, AOL, Timewarner, Warren Buffet’s chest hairs, and the twinkle in George Clooney’s eye to (literally):

<param name="movie" value="<a target='_blank' href='http://www.facebook.com/v/495465464650'&gt;http://www.facebook.com/v/495465464650</a>” />

Now I know what you’re thinking, “WTF!?” and you are correct sirs, but think about how our society… Nay, our very species is becoming more and more dependent on high tech, on the net, on their cell phones (Soon to be stolen tech from Google’s time travel department.), we literally depend on it to flush our crappers. So does Stephen Hawking. We all know he secretly runs laps in his living room when no ones looking.

With technology ANYTHING is possible. From chatting with a friend in Shang Hai, to watching a squirrel in a tiny flotation device water ski, ANYTHING your twisted little minds can come up with, tech can do. However, should there actually be a limit on how far we go with this magical golden egg? What would the epic consequences be (and pardon me for using the word epic Brown University. But you fail and can tubularly fail at kissing my buzzwording ass.) for cracking the shell and seeing the goodies inside?

New ways to kill people, new ways to exploit ourselves, new ways to have even more reasons for fat senators with no money to blow on hookers and crack to try and shut down the gaming industry… The list goes on and on. its kinda like how the universe is, each of our galaxies is getting further and further apart to the point where well all just be creepy neighbors looking through the kitchen windows with a pair of nocs. Some of us will have lousy golf clothes on while looking, but then again, when have lousy golf clothes actually been out of style?

Technology, love it or hate or have sex with it (Japan), its here to stay. However, there might be a boiling point where we have to take a step back and wonder if we’ve actually gone too far with it, whether google now controls how much ignorance is displayed on Glenn Becks face, or Hollywood tweaks Craig Daniel’s face to where his lips are puckered so much they become, in themselves, a tiny black hole.

There are VERY real ramifications for what we do with this gift we’ve found in our parents closet. Hopefully it doesn’t **** us in the ass.

my new challenge!

My new challenge is to do every track on Just Dance 2. That means doing 44 tracks, half of em female oriented. I experienced some slight pain of ego by doing “Its raining men” by someone or other, so its all good. At the moment, that’s going pretty well by my account. I’ve already knocked out five tracks, so that only leaves me with 39 more to go.

Easy part? Setting up the camcorder.

Hard part? Actually doing the tr4acks themselves.

You see, not only am I doing the tracks, but I’m doing them while dressed up with a mask on. So by the time I’m done with one track, my face feels like a fucking sana. Now imagine doing that four more times, and youll get the idea that maybe I might be in a little over my head?

But it is an admirable goal to get all 44 tracks done within half a year. Though I have set some rules for myself, the first being do it while no one else is home. It’ll give me plenty of time to get everything setup. This includes the tripod, camera angle, costume, getting the track ready and finally doing the track itself.

Gah… then comes the whole start stop business.  First you start the level, wait for the the thing to load, and then once it get to the ready screen, you gotta hit record, say the title of the track, and hopefully not make too much of an ass out of your self in the process.

But its all good, its a form of cardio that needs to be done, and it gets the ol pumper beating again. But this time kinda kicked my effing ass.

so 5 down, 39 to go! yee frigging haw!

im a speck of snow on the peaks of posterous… time to get my ass rolling again.

it seems, fellow posterians, and blog stalkers alike, thati  have lost my way. it might be because i have been swayed towards other interesting activities, or maybe my time away from blogging whatever the fuck i wanted to has somehow left me a little frailer than usual. but should i go for the gusto i used, the one that attracted my subscribers? or should i try and find a new way or blogging? one that isnt as emotionally invested in anger, but rather happiness?

it would seem that things have definitely changed for the more interesting. i use this word because i think ive become a bigger person than i used to be… yeah, well see how long this lasts. but instead of lambasting in the ignorant for their inquisitively unique nature, i should instead become more interested in the ifner thingsi n life.

wine, culture, foreign affairs, current affairs, the needy, the homeless, the stupid ignorant fucks in all the movies starring matt damon and steve guttenbarf. but rather than disassemble the regularities of human interative media and the convalescent distractions that arise from the overt signs of premature agressive abnormalities… ill just eat a ahmburger, flip off the nearest fox news corrispondent, and have a good ol time on the the net.

mit might seem to many of you that my absense…. fucking firefox.  anyways, more to the point a lot of shite has been popping up. a lot of good things. first off, i got a internship at “hi desert oasis books”, pretty sweet gig. lucky i was able to get it too. another thing was the author signing, got that recorded and im in the process of uploading a part of it to youtube, than ill upload the main thing to facebook and get that all squared away.

also, a lot of really simple equations have entered the cerebelum of my mind:

1. hauptman111 is none other than brian quinones. like there was any real doubt about it.
2. though it hurts to say, i am really much bettero ff without caasi in my life. sucks to say it, but the truth is the truth.
3. i now have my netbook. im fucking psyched.

also, ive been getting a little bit of a confidence boost from the fact that i now have a non paying job. hey, i never said it was going to be easy. but regaurdless the people there are pretty cool.

another thing thats been going on is the fact that im now a administrative member of n3rdnation.com a have for nerds to escape the pressures of real life and than vent those said pressures onto the net, where theyll hopefully dissapate into the feral screams of two gerbils being set on fire.

or not. look, all i know is that somewhere down the line, my blog writing skills became a moot point due to not being on a constant blog pumping machine thing. those mini shit blogs i posted from my phone were a shameful reminder of what a giant i had once been.

but they did help pass the time.

ANOTHER HTING THATS KINDA IRKED THE SHITE OUT OF ME IS THE FACT THAT PEOPLE ARE GETTING MORE AND MORE PEEVED OVER TWITTER COMMENTS. wow…. had the caps on fro mthat whole entire thing. anyways, with people getting up in arms over the stupid crap that celebs have posted, i thought it might be wise to start a “wtf”… tired, and i dont feel like editing this whole thing.


My experience, with the speech to text recognition program.

well, its definitely been a while since ive gone off on a tangent… dont know wy though.there seems to be a part of me thats not really snapped back into place. i dont know what it could possibly be, i guess ive just been distracted by the whole ssortment of things lately. heres what im dealing with:


1. interning at the bookstore.
2. administrative role on the n3rdnation website
3. writing the 4rth DS book
4. writing my blog novella
5. writing infinite web
6. making movies in both windows movie maker AND the everio movie maker

and god knows what else Pardoning but there seems to be a hot dog on top of her hacked in this program for shoots me to know what it’s like anything I say it does the exact opposite of what was shot off and just follow my simple directions is that so hard for him to accomplish really is it you were stupid for what I don’t like you Can dictate OK for future reference don’t say the first two words that comes to mind because if you do you just end up has not even more because of low blood golem seems to be on television and everything else that program future me like it’s anything I say it’s even hopes that shop and what of the help of the hell is wrong thing you can even do with simple task right and just wrong hold all were all looking over URL wasn’t in the arm the taped. Name. Stock stop stocks did move how fresh fruit and use this I mean ID than two months ago think it’s like a wide on the sizzle freshly won the one because you’re fresh fighting you will are really really fresh good Own them stock. Mao Mao Zedong that works. What I have to see the word. Before you answer. I thought that was just the not just at the top of the hill scored his freshman


Shocked Dictate sold via this is for shrinking. Because if it wasn’t really that big a deal to me and I would actually get this working I would not be sitting here in my room complaining to a computer whose speech recognition program is like that from the tool in the state into a readable state and expecting them to drool over a party for five midgets or to not to UNITA use of a balloting that a stock stop and eat up stop.


So here I am working with this program. And, it just seems, why make your freshman beat me to know what. But the two mind a bit shall now old CD hatted, of having two… Deal with this thing I can’t believe I have to see the word.,.,. The\the news that Watson are no less stop me. Leave your hates me what was that I’m speaking to you as perfectly as I can the village lights as ono stock I mean, I thought you know I sit far as in a few CKS that the Federal. In some men.


So I’m guessing that time have to get used to this because you know what it’s just to awesome. In our all I got it as just for the unknowingly clear sign that lives when a mob of will literally. Vaughn I never said anything about one of the health.


So this is my experience so far with the speech to text recognition program would use that now. Sloppy ally. So,’quotation mark Nahas said quotation mark Hazen; mound mall valley alone available but a SP SP give you.


Stop the only for all summit. So far this program is first reading the hell out of the period I said. Thank you do us today cannot do the ectf the eight I said they cannot be eight you just cannot let me in all I say one thing and you get me to what is stop me. Rebuttal audit.


So maybe it’s just me or whatnot but this speech to text recognition program is somewhat flawed. And then 

Black Swan/White Swan…. passionate and delicate? or psychotic and dark?

The poster for the film shows Natalie Portman with white facial makeup, black-winged eye liner around bloodshot red eyes, and a jagged crystal tiara.


The science of the broken mind, perfectionally angled into a seemless, intricate masterpiece, delivering both the complicatede essence of the abnormal, and the stupid ranchiness of obsessive compulsion.

This is what I think of when I remember watching the movie, “Black Swan” with Natilie Portman and Mila Kunis in the lead roles. As I sat in the theatre, watching the time honored tradition of backstabbing you castmates.

Instead of going on and on about what the director and actors did right, or what bored monkey scrotum decided to switch the lighting gels from red to black to confuse people, I’m going to talk about the lessons learned from “Black Swan”

Unusual? Yes. Awesome? Damn skippy.

The first thing I noticed about the movie, was the continual reemergence of the overpossesive mother, the thing we fear most, losing control of our lives to one degree or another. The constant lesson perpetuated by the actress here, is that you can go too far. A controlling person often fears losing control of the thing they feel they actually own. Its a weird phenom that fits categorically into Black Swans premise.

The hallucinations, both auditory and visual, dot Natilie’s character with the defusion of what she is actually willing to percieve as her reality. And maybe its not just from her over possesive mother, who is a failed dancer, and therefor pushes her own aspirations onto her offspring. This type of pressure can often result in at least some form of lost contact with reality, via said hallucinations. I loved at how real it was made to seem that she was actually becoming the black swan, that her mind made it okay for her to break away from the stiff and unfeeling moments that her mother had pressed upon her while she was growing up.

The auditions, which in any place can be both a revelation into ones own actual skill set, and going to Starbucks and screaming at the guy in the corner for five minutes cause he burnt your fish.  Auditioning for any play, musical, dance, ballet can be essentially nerve racking, Because you have to push yourself beyond the scop of what you would normally do. There is no right way to portray a character. However, the director has a vision, and you must not screw with that vision.

The conflicts in this movie are beyond brilliant, they are well played to the point of transcending the film/audience bond. Touching upon a earlier topic, the fight with Natilie’s self made sure that we were with her through out the ride of her eventual descent into a frightening madness.

for that, i give this movie ten thumbs out the window.

just because some things need to be vented… like a vente latte. fuck.

Hello hello hello! Welcome one and all! My name is Dr3arms/Morgan/Guy who humps the firehydrant/Don’t pay attention to that. I’m bored. I thought that by installing the SC2 demo, that my elation of unrequited feelings of somewhat abandoned mentality, might be otherwise lifted by venting my agression against simulated opponents.

This did not work out at all! Okay, first off, damn thing isn’t powerful enough to run the damned game! But that’s not all my fine felonious fowl feathered fuckheads. Sorry, starting to sound like the Penguin there for a minute. And we can’t have that now can we? Nope. Not one bit. Okay, first things first.  Though I dont know what it is by what I mean by that. Or this. It really does depend.


This would be my message to Santa… However… I’m an asshole. I don’t know why that is. But apparently I am one. I dont know how though which is the bitchfest of it all! I have a stupid idea… I’m going to register a blog on Suicidegirls.com and hopefully not make an ass out of myself. Decided not to. Don’t have the figure. 

Anyways, for those that desperately miss me, or like bumping up my blog hits, good for you, I’m glad you have nothing better to do than fucking hit control and the R key a bunch of times. It’s almost not like whacking the monkey. I don’t know, I’m just full of nervous energy Today, and maybe things will go great tommorow at my job… I can’t really call it a job. It’s like a internship in which I don’t get paid, and somehow I keep expecting that one day real soon I’ll get paid. 

I lol at me because I keep thinking for some reason that she’ll magically put me on the payroll when I know damned well what the Hell I signed up for. So I gotta stop bitching about things that are out of my control…

The Bachelor… Why I even bothered to watch as Whiny Bastard gets facepunched by Slappy, almost bitten by Fangy, and pouted at by the Stalker Bitch Woman, I’ll never know… oh yeah, don’t forget about the Waxing Woman… Great. I can’t wait to never watch another dating reality show again, that is, until Big Brother 13 starts up, then we have a whole nother bitch fest to gripe at!

I don’t know what to think anymore. Its like the more things change, the more they stay the same. Not that I’m complaining. Oh right, I might be… but don’t you worry about a thing! Or should I worry because of all the stupid moronic things out there, I could actually attract another stalker blog out there.

No… defenately would not want to go through that shit again. Too much rage involved in the process of watching what the dude says before reacting in my own volitile way. Not that it matters much at this point in the game anyways right?

Lmao! I almost want to bitch at non-existent people, because it might make me feel like something is actually going great. But at the same time, I feel like I’m being pushed into this corner again. Like no matter what happens or where I go, I’ll still be distracted into the same monotone like pattern again.

Though to be honest, my own preferences can be a little whacked in the head by the duling banjos of yesteryear. I mean, so what if I get caught in the media shit storm that may or may not be directly impactful of my life…I think a while back I mention something about a…. I feel like I’m going to hurl. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just getting back into the habit of this, and for some reason I always feel like I’m alone…. alone… alone… Ech fucking cho…. Lmao! Its all fun and games I guess. But more than this is the simple fact that I’ve got responsibility, and I’m getting all panicky, because not only am I just getting caught up in the whole rigid structure of adult life, I’m trying desperately to follow my own disastrous instincts which are telling me not to screw it up.

Wow… that is a fucking mouthful.

Here’s a thought! 

For the next two weeks, fourteen day, I will have my main blog open to all those that feel like emailing a blog.

the email is post@dr3sblogtree.posterous.com

The rules are simple, post whatever you want to, and for the next two weeks, I wont delete ANYTHING. except porn and racism. Can’t have that. Outside of the porn and racism thing, I won’t delete anything.

Really? No… who am I talking to anyways? I guess anyone that wants to read this thing… HULU.COM! I’m going to try and upload a… Distracted, yet again.

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