Black Swan/White Swan…. passionate and delicate? or psychotic and dark?

The poster for the film shows Natalie Portman with white facial makeup, black-winged eye liner around bloodshot red eyes, and a jagged crystal tiara.


The science of the broken mind, perfectionally angled into a seemless, intricate masterpiece, delivering both the complicatede essence of the abnormal, and the stupid ranchiness of obsessive compulsion.

This is what I think of when I remember watching the movie, “Black Swan” with Natilie Portman and Mila Kunis in the lead roles. As I sat in the theatre, watching the time honored tradition of backstabbing you castmates.

Instead of going on and on about what the director and actors did right, or what bored monkey scrotum decided to switch the lighting gels from red to black to confuse people, I’m going to talk about the lessons learned from “Black Swan”

Unusual? Yes. Awesome? Damn skippy.

The first thing I noticed about the movie, was the continual reemergence of the overpossesive mother, the thing we fear most, losing control of our lives to one degree or another. The constant lesson perpetuated by the actress here, is that you can go too far. A controlling person often fears losing control of the thing they feel they actually own. Its a weird phenom that fits categorically into Black Swans premise.

The hallucinations, both auditory and visual, dot Natilie’s character with the defusion of what she is actually willing to percieve as her reality. And maybe its not just from her over possesive mother, who is a failed dancer, and therefor pushes her own aspirations onto her offspring. This type of pressure can often result in at least some form of lost contact with reality, via said hallucinations. I loved at how real it was made to seem that she was actually becoming the black swan, that her mind made it okay for her to break away from the stiff and unfeeling moments that her mother had pressed upon her while she was growing up.

The auditions, which in any place can be both a revelation into ones own actual skill set, and going to Starbucks and screaming at the guy in the corner for five minutes cause he burnt your fish.  Auditioning for any play, musical, dance, ballet can be essentially nerve racking, Because you have to push yourself beyond the scop of what you would normally do. There is no right way to portray a character. However, the director has a vision, and you must not screw with that vision.

The conflicts in this movie are beyond brilliant, they are well played to the point of transcending the film/audience bond. Touching upon a earlier topic, the fight with Natilie’s self made sure that we were with her through out the ride of her eventual descent into a frightening madness.

for that, i give this movie ten thumbs out the window.

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