My experience, with the speech to text recognition program.

well, its definitely been a while since ive gone off on a tangent… dont know wy though.there seems to be a part of me thats not really snapped back into place. i dont know what it could possibly be, i guess ive just been distracted by the whole ssortment of things lately. heres what im dealing with:


1. interning at the bookstore.
2. administrative role on the n3rdnation website
3. writing the 4rth DS book
4. writing my blog novella
5. writing infinite web
6. making movies in both windows movie maker AND the everio movie maker

and god knows what else Pardoning but there seems to be a hot dog on top of her hacked in this program for shoots me to know what it’s like anything I say it does the exact opposite of what was shot off and just follow my simple directions is that so hard for him to accomplish really is it you were stupid for what I don’t like you Can dictate OK for future reference don’t say the first two words that comes to mind because if you do you just end up has not even more because of low blood golem seems to be on television and everything else that program future me like it’s anything I say it’s even hopes that shop and what of the help of the hell is wrong thing you can even do with simple task right and just wrong hold all were all looking over URL wasn’t in the arm the taped. Name. Stock stop stocks did move how fresh fruit and use this I mean ID than two months ago think it’s like a wide on the sizzle freshly won the one because you’re fresh fighting you will are really really fresh good Own them stock. Mao Mao Zedong that works. What I have to see the word. Before you answer. I thought that was just the not just at the top of the hill scored his freshman


Shocked Dictate sold via this is for shrinking. Because if it wasn’t really that big a deal to me and I would actually get this working I would not be sitting here in my room complaining to a computer whose speech recognition program is like that from the tool in the state into a readable state and expecting them to drool over a party for five midgets or to not to UNITA use of a balloting that a stock stop and eat up stop.


So here I am working with this program. And, it just seems, why make your freshman beat me to know what. But the two mind a bit shall now old CD hatted, of having two… Deal with this thing I can’t believe I have to see the word.,.,. The\the news that Watson are no less stop me. Leave your hates me what was that I’m speaking to you as perfectly as I can the village lights as ono stock I mean, I thought you know I sit far as in a few CKS that the Federal. In some men.


So I’m guessing that time have to get used to this because you know what it’s just to awesome. In our all I got it as just for the unknowingly clear sign that lives when a mob of will literally. Vaughn I never said anything about one of the health.


So this is my experience so far with the speech to text recognition program would use that now. Sloppy ally. So,’quotation mark Nahas said quotation mark Hazen; mound mall valley alone available but a SP SP give you.


Stop the only for all summit. So far this program is first reading the hell out of the period I said. Thank you do us today cannot do the ectf the eight I said they cannot be eight you just cannot let me in all I say one thing and you get me to what is stop me. Rebuttal audit.


So maybe it’s just me or whatnot but this speech to text recognition program is somewhat flawed. And then 

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