im a speck of snow on the peaks of posterous… time to get my ass rolling again.

it seems, fellow posterians, and blog stalkers alike, thati  have lost my way. it might be because i have been swayed towards other interesting activities, or maybe my time away from blogging whatever the fuck i wanted to has somehow left me a little frailer than usual. but should i go for the gusto i used, the one that attracted my subscribers? or should i try and find a new way or blogging? one that isnt as emotionally invested in anger, but rather happiness?

it would seem that things have definitely changed for the more interesting. i use this word because i think ive become a bigger person than i used to be… yeah, well see how long this lasts. but instead of lambasting in the ignorant for their inquisitively unique nature, i should instead become more interested in the ifner thingsi n life.

wine, culture, foreign affairs, current affairs, the needy, the homeless, the stupid ignorant fucks in all the movies starring matt damon and steve guttenbarf. but rather than disassemble the regularities of human interative media and the convalescent distractions that arise from the overt signs of premature agressive abnormalities… ill just eat a ahmburger, flip off the nearest fox news corrispondent, and have a good ol time on the the net.

mit might seem to many of you that my absense…. fucking firefox.  anyways, more to the point a lot of shite has been popping up. a lot of good things. first off, i got a internship at “hi desert oasis books”, pretty sweet gig. lucky i was able to get it too. another thing was the author signing, got that recorded and im in the process of uploading a part of it to youtube, than ill upload the main thing to facebook and get that all squared away.

also, a lot of really simple equations have entered the cerebelum of my mind:

1. hauptman111 is none other than brian quinones. like there was any real doubt about it.
2. though it hurts to say, i am really much bettero ff without caasi in my life. sucks to say it, but the truth is the truth.
3. i now have my netbook. im fucking psyched.

also, ive been getting a little bit of a confidence boost from the fact that i now have a non paying job. hey, i never said it was going to be easy. but regaurdless the people there are pretty cool.

another thing thats been going on is the fact that im now a administrative member of a have for nerds to escape the pressures of real life and than vent those said pressures onto the net, where theyll hopefully dissapate into the feral screams of two gerbils being set on fire.

or not. look, all i know is that somewhere down the line, my blog writing skills became a moot point due to not being on a constant blog pumping machine thing. those mini shit blogs i posted from my phone were a shameful reminder of what a giant i had once been.

but they did help pass the time.

ANOTHER HTING THATS KINDA IRKED THE SHITE OUT OF ME IS THE FACT THAT PEOPLE ARE GETTING MORE AND MORE PEEVED OVER TWITTER COMMENTS. wow…. had the caps on fro mthat whole entire thing. anyways, with people getting up in arms over the stupid crap that celebs have posted, i thought it might be wise to start a “wtf”… tired, and i dont feel like editing this whole thing.


Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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