my new challenge!

My new challenge is to do every track on Just Dance 2. That means doing 44 tracks, half of em female oriented. I experienced some slight pain of ego by doing “Its raining men” by someone or other, so its all good. At the moment, that’s going pretty well by my account. I’ve already knocked out five tracks, so that only leaves me with 39 more to go.

Easy part? Setting up the camcorder.

Hard part? Actually doing the tr4acks themselves.

You see, not only am I doing the tracks, but I’m doing them while dressed up with a mask on. So by the time I’m done with one track, my face feels like a fucking sana. Now imagine doing that four more times, and youll get the idea that maybe I might be in a little over my head?

But it is an admirable goal to get all 44 tracks done within half a year. Though I have set some rules for myself, the first being do it while no one else is home. It’ll give me plenty of time to get everything setup. This includes the tripod, camera angle, costume, getting the track ready and finally doing the track itself.

Gah… then comes the whole start stop business.  First you start the level, wait for the the thing to load, and then once it get to the ready screen, you gotta hit record, say the title of the track, and hopefully not make too much of an ass out of your self in the process.

But its all good, its a form of cardio that needs to be done, and it gets the ol pumper beating again. But this time kinda kicked my effing ass.

so 5 down, 39 to go! yee frigging haw!

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