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Through the various inconsistencies with all major philisophical types, archtypes, and socioeconomic boundries, I’ve become rather trite and disillusioned by the process through which every living thing constantly needs to feel like they are at the very least immortal. This positive iconic belief that we all live forever despite the process of death in front of us is never really accepted into modern society. Though I fear that the very few who have distinctly opened their eyes to the subject matter itself, have indeed taken it to the extreme, through which they involuntarily extridite the process for unwilling individuals.

Are they remorseful of their actions when meditated upon? Do they truly see the err of their ways, only to comply with the sudden and distrubed urge to place upon a fellow citizen the ending of their life? How can we truly understand that which we can neither gain quarter or victory? If life is the ever compelling of matter which breathes and thinks, then why must it becomes so vital that we have but the faintest sparks of it in the universe?

These questions, I do suppose are incouraged by other to be questions, some actually come up with intellectually stimulating answers, and therefor make of themselves a vital part of history. Though it ponders me still to have the question, the answer, and the reason why some people feel the varocious need to epitimize the overall moral consequences of someone elses actions. Do we truly know what we are doing? Do we actually set forth upon the journey of life, blinded only by what we don’t know? If so, then why should it be allowed to correspond with the everyman vices every human being seems to exibit?

Truth of lies… such a ponderingly inane sense of right or wrong can’t truly be justified through the constant guilt tripped cross examination of life, or whether the accounts of one person are true or not. Through out any persons truest emotional recoil from a tradgedy or comedy of their choosing, we seemed to have proliferate the staus quo.

Should it be allowed to persist through out the various media outlets, where the opinions and thoughts of that medium become so ingrained in our daily focus, that we can no longer bare our own thoughts and actions? or does it simply mean that through out our lives, we will be directed to think and act as others who think they have rank over our own positions for the rest of our short time?

This is by no means a directive to feel saddened by the words you read, nor is it a command to behave aproovingly. This is simply an account of my thoughts, meant neither to persue the light, nor increase the mental darkness within your mind.

There are few acceptions to these states of mind, wherein humans have achieved some modicum of happiness, individuality, and success with out being as overbaord as to lay claim to an island that was never really theirs to begin with. It simply means finding the point of focus that creates the positive spectrum for yourself. I do believe that every single person has a mental image of what they would like to look like, and thats acceptable unless you find yourself bedraggled to look into the mirror and face the person you are.

Are you the accentric type, whose motives and actions are owned only by yourself? Or are you the singularity amongst the heavenly number of other similiar persons like yourself? There are the unfortunate few who seem to have forgotten about the civility of life, the moral compass of society, and the extriditing process through which we are “allowed” to live.

Simple arrogance has no place inside our minds. Instead, you should find yourself in tune with your inner happiness. How you find it of course, is completely up to you!

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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