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Okay, so let’s shake the webbing off this sumbitch shall we!? First off, I’m a bit irritated, I only got three hours of sleep, my own fault since I fucking stayed up all night watching someone get somethinged in the somewhere. That aside, I’m tired of all the fucked up shit thats been popping up around the world. And not to sound like an ignorant bastard, but I think New Zealand should keep their earthquakes to themselves. You don’t see California waving ours around like its the last damned thing on earth right? So why should people have to look at New Zealand and think to have a Yo Mama thon in honor of the people who died? I dont get it. But, at the same time, bummer of a deal.

Folks, lets get to brass tacks, I’ve been fucking listless for the past few weeks, I don’t know what to do with my life, even though I’ve got some assortment of a plan, I don’t have a fucking clue on what to actually do with it. Meaning one thing and one thing only. Somethings got to get themselves a fucking steroid patch to the forehead. Another thing thats been bugging me is the fact that I’m having dreams about one Kimberlee Ann Kelly again. Kind of a pain in the ass really.  I dream of her, and due to an intensive, self prescribe regiment of image replacement therapy, everytime I wake up, I have to crap because I think I’ve eaten a bran muffin. Thats what this woman does to me. Even just the mere thought of her sends waves of panicked nervous energy shooting through my CNS.

Not much in the way of current events, because, A) the news is run by people who self mutilate their crotches in an attempt to feel alive. Seriously, how fucking depressing can it actually get? Where are the segments of the skiing squirrels!? Damn it… fucking Couric… its her fault that we’ve got emo people delivering the news like its their way of slowly killing themselves in the most public way possible. Don’t mind me, I’m just a bit pissed off at the moment.  I think its because I’ve got nothing interesting to write, so I write what ever the fuck pops into mind, and even that’s enough to piss off the local homeless shelter.

Speaking of which, I did stay at a shelter for a few days before they booted me out and I wound up back here. Strange story, they somehow got the phrase “You have a nice ass.” out of “Would you like me to get you a glass?” it was avery strange afternoon that day. But everything happens for a reason. There was a woman there by the name of Kim, and she had a daughter named Kelly. And it didn’t really freak me out too much, so I started hanging out with them just to pass the time.

Apparrently, I had pissed off the big black dude by doing this, and apparrently Kim was his property, totally not the case. I don’t have anything against the black dude, we got along great and he told me his story, or part of it. I don’t remember much, and I don’t feel like talking about it. But it was a fun place for what it was worth. I helped out with the chores and helped put away the stuff from the garage sale. Oh yeah, I remember it now. it was called “High Desert Homeless Services”.

Awesome place, but the staff there was a bit persnickety when it came to their responsibilities as actual staff there. One dude got punched in the head by his wife because he got her the wrong ring. At one point, I actually thought I was going to be on the Doctor Phil show, actually get a job at McDonalds, and wind up in a relationship with Kim. I liked her, I really did! Her kid was awesome as well!

But things happened the way they did, and in the end, I lost my Hard Rock Cafe hat that I fucking loved. But I walked away with a back pack, and some clothes. So it wasn’t that bad.

What else is there? I can’t really think of anything except that 4/10 of Season 1 of “Jack and Lawrence” is completed, so I might as well get to writing the remaining 6 scripts. I also need to compile my Facebook cell story “The Ugly Pumpkin” since its almost completed. I’ve got a lot of work to do by myself and I sometimes get a little discouraged because I don’t have a team to help me through it… oh well


Hello folks, sorry its been a while since i posted a full blog, but im trying my best here. Things at the house are getting back to normal and stress is getting dished around. With the big trip coming up, taris being a bit overeactive towards a certain relative for reasons i dont care about. I get yelled at when ever they get back from these things, even if everythings been taken care of, the two of them still manage to find something to yell about. No matter. My netbooks on the fritz, so im fucked there.

bros before hos? wtf…

This is going to be a quick entry, no rusted thoughts or any of that stupid shit… I have had THE quickest befriending and defriending I’ve ever experienced. All because of a woman… usually IS caused by a woman. In any case, it only lasted a week or so, and the dude was a dick about it, so I cut him loose when he asked me to. I cut him loose via Facebook, deleted the N3rd nation posterous, I’m trying to figure out how to delete my account on n3rdnation.com. so… outside of that free lunch, meeting a few new people, that to be honest, I dont think I’ll ever meet again, and a date on thursday, I can’t really think of a good enough reason to actually try to keep the friendship going. I mean, I should’ve seen the signs that this wouldn’t last, but hey, what can I say?

when somethings amiss, ignorance is bliss.

Life is but a dream

You ever get that anxious wtf feeling in your gut that telling you to go somewhere, anywhere but where you are at the moment? Ive had that feeling for the past fifteen minutes. Dont know why i have it, i just do. Maybe its nothing, or it could be… But i dont think i get the big picture yet… Wtf could it be?!

what do i really want to talk about?

Well, I did have another dream with one Kimberlee Ann Kelly in it. Strangely though it might sound, I’m not afraid to say her full name. I don’t know why this is, its just osmething I’ve always tried to avoid as much as possible. Anyways, its a quick entry, so don’t expect me to make a big production about it.

Okay here goes!

I was on this hilly island, and there was a race going on, so I found myself running like fucking crazy, passing all the other racers, well soon enough there are tidal waves of people on either side of me. I’m not freaking over this, I just think its a little strange. but the race path spirals upwards towards the islands tip o the mountain! So after a while, it goes from people to buildings to frilly bastards. Don’t ask.

After a few minutes of this, I get to the top, and find Kim just chit chatting with some friends. I just go up to her and we start arguing about old crap and what this or that happened. Total soap opera moment including the glass of wine and face slap. So after that we get to a point where we’re all alone and I’m like “wtf.” and then we get into all this romantic crap. Not like I’m still interested in the little chica, but still. Weird fucking dream.

After that I find out she doesn’t want me to leave. sooo…. what the fuck. Anyways, I wake up and the little fucker’s been digging at me all day to get it out of my head. So there you go.

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