what do i really want to talk about?

Well, I did have another dream with one Kimberlee Ann Kelly in it. Strangely though it might sound, I’m not afraid to say her full name. I don’t know why this is, its just osmething I’ve always tried to avoid as much as possible. Anyways, its a quick entry, so don’t expect me to make a big production about it.

Okay here goes!

I was on this hilly island, and there was a race going on, so I found myself running like fucking crazy, passing all the other racers, well soon enough there are tidal waves of people on either side of me. I’m not freaking over this, I just think its a little strange. but the race path spirals upwards towards the islands tip o the mountain! So after a while, it goes from people to buildings to frilly bastards. Don’t ask.

After a few minutes of this, I get to the top, and find Kim just chit chatting with some friends. I just go up to her and we start arguing about old crap and what this or that happened. Total soap opera moment including the glass of wine and face slap. So after that we get to a point where we’re all alone and I’m like “wtf.” and then we get into all this romantic crap. Not like I’m still interested in the little chica, but still. Weird fucking dream.

After that I find out she doesn’t want me to leave. sooo…. what the fuck. Anyways, I wake up and the little fucker’s been digging at me all day to get it out of my head. So there you go.

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