soap, job freedom, and losing your effing mind!

Hello Posterous, bout time you got a really meaty blog, and I promise I wont dissapoint! first off, let me get the following off my chest, due to mindset differences between myself and nick misseria, i will no longer be working with him. trust me, asm uch as i want to blab and rant at the guy, it wouldnt make me feel any better then i already do about the whole thing. which is great for me, because i can now enjoy a nice stress and insult free week with out having to be on gaurd all the time because someones friends thik im psychotic for ismply asking questions. moving on.

recently, ive been addicted to soap. the 1977 sitcom that pretty much riffed on every concievable soap opera plot element known to mankind, currently im in the third season, so that been keeping me a little preoccupied.

next up, i will get to chapter eight as soon as possible, im currently kinda fucked with not having a net book on hand to do my deed, but then again, even when i thought i could get some work done over at nicks, i couldnt cause the dick had to turn on american dad every freaking day, then when he left, i was fucked for creativity. oh well, life moves on.

wedsdays, im still volunteering my time over at the book crossing in bodacious bundts on main street, so im looking forward to that. what else?

i dont know really, i thought i had some great ideas for whatever the hell is going on, but then again, i dont like to toot my own horn, cause that would be INCREDIBLY talented and i dont think i would ever leave the house. moreover, osamas dead finally. bout freaking time if you ask me. but i wouldnt have just shot him, id make an example out of him first and formost. i wouldve tied him up in newyork city, and allowed everyone one swing with a sledgehammer where ever they liked. or an umbero f other creative things.

recently i had a break through… or a break down. one of the two! i solved one of my most pressing and irritating thought cycles, which consisted mostly of me thinking about ways to get money, with out actually getting money. my solution? to not actually get money but still get money regardless. it was more of a crap shoot than anything else.

to those subbers or blog stalkers that have been disappointed by my lack of posting, im sorry, but it will eventually get solved and i will be there to comment with most deafening efficey about the goings on of the most pressing current topics. or insult some people along the way. thats it for now!

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