all things considered… i really dont like chasing chickens.

lets get one thing straight here.

chickens. i hate them.

dont get me wrong, i love the little buggers if their not running away from, me when i try to put them in the chicken yard.

i just hate running after them while trying to put them back in the coop.

its a REALLY demented relay that i for one, really dont like doing. but someone has to look out for the stupid things you know? its like were all in a giant chicken yard, each with our own insecurities chasing us around and eventually putting us in that chicken coop. when does it start and more importantly, when will it end? ive realized that eventually well all kick the bucket. not exactly the best thing to think, but lets face it,  you gotta wonder if the grim reaper is the guy thats chasing us around in his giant chicken yard.

thats a morbid sight. seeing a really thin dude like that, running around in a bathrobe, crotch flapping around in the breeze like a wierd and stupid noodle!and now my nose itches. this really isnt helping me at all. 

but i dont like running after the chickens, i end up all hunched over and my back starts to hurt a little bit! gerg… thats something i want to avoid as much as possible. hurt back and chasing chickens.

i feel left out….

This happens with practically any group I get invested in… drama, theatre, sports, a group of people chatting. Why do I even bother getting myself involved in these things? Why do I bother talking to people I’ll never see again? WHY MUST I TEAR MYSELF APART TRYING TO GET INTO THESE FRUSTRATING NONINCLUSIVE THINGS CALLED GROUPS!?

I’ts frustrating for me. I need to man the eff up and move along.  I can just read the header on my tombstone:

“Here lies Morgan Gavin, background friend, and pincushion for all who cared enough to notice.”

what is up with this pity party im on lately?!? MUST BE THE CHICKENS. I BLAME THE CHICKENS.

Time to pull out the big guns!

Well folks, its been a while since I’ve had to excorsize this rusty steel trap of mine for an actually deep and or interest thought! So lets dig a little deeper and see what we can find.

Lately, I’ve been pondering both aspects of the light and dark spectrum of things. There has to be a middle ground somewhere right? Right, I thought so. But outside of our usual day to day struggle to find the right cup of coffee, bomb the crap out of someplace we don’t like, or even slam some heads at the movie theatre, Its all the same isn’t it? There isn’t really any black or white, its all just shades of grey to the point where we just see black or white. Nope, not talking about racial injustice, or some evil master plan to screw you over, I’m talking just what is right in front of you.

Remember what we all learned in science class? That pretty much everything we see is simply light smacking around the universe? So this pretty much means, that all kinds of colors are pretty much a moot point. Why is that important? Because, it just is. Think about the last time people actually stopped to try and figure this whole confusing thing out.

Lol, not deep enough yet? What about all the times you secretly, or openly, I dont judge, reacted against a person because of their color? Or what they were wearing? It isn’t the style of clothes, but rather the color. Science has pretty much proven that we react pretty much based on color.

It doesn’t even need to be physical color. We see mental flashes of color as well, and we all know the color wheel, so its not really necissary to cover that whole shpeel, now is it?

Moving to a different subject, because at the moment, talking about color makes me fucking irritated. Maybe I saw a mental flash of yellow? Dunno… needs more research.

Okay! So, I’ve been busy rounding up contributors left and right over the past few days. We’ve got Brent with “Dude, found your thoughts”, Mion Sonozaki with “Epiccer thoughts”, Dan will probably get signed to Brents blog as a contributor since they both have similiar blogging styles. Then theres Lil Glampy, and two new members that I’ve yet to induct them into the blogsphere here.

Thats seven all together! I’m going to try something interesting in a bit.

hello hello!

and what a wonderful day we have for ourselves today! okay first off, we just gotta update that list of blogs… because its gotten huge!!!!


1. lets flood your eye holes with my thoughts!

2.Dr. 3’s Audiblog Tree

3. Dude… found your thoughts

4.Mion Sonozaki’s EPICCER thoughts!

5.Sogno della dinistia (family friendly version)

6.Sogno Della Dinistia ©®™ Morgan Gavin Mind Productions, 2005 – present

7.The Angry Minority

to me my subcribers!

Hello all you fine folks in web lands out there! this is just going to be a howdyado post and some updates.

First off, I’ve been stuffed up and hacking up all kinds of christmans goodies. not really, and I’m kinda disturbed I said that. Anyways, as you may have noticed, I’ve created a few new blogs, they are as follows:

1. SDD Lite:

I created sdd lite so that way I’m able to share the epicness of this continually surprising story with my friends on FB without offending them. It’s really quite genius of me.

2. The Angry Minorty:

This blog is getting off to a good start at the moment with a hard hitting views from a woman who just want to give her advice and view points on both CPS dealings and the government in general. So go ahead and check that out!

3. Anime fanatic

Not going anywhere really, but my friend Dans own blog is pretty straight forward. He’s new to the whole blogging bidness and I’m teaching him the ropes. He’s got some talent in posting one liner blogs that I don’t think I could EVER do.

4. And my newest addition, which is yet to be named.

I’ll be back with the details!

5. The Slick Cherrick gorup

This is pretty much a vent your frustrations group. I should probably mention that… a lot.

im feeling a bit flighty at the moment.

im not even sure why that is, ive got nothing to be worried about. absolutely nothing. and yet, i have lots to worry about, its not that ive got online stalkers knocking down the doors to beg me to have their babies, thats just freaky, no. im more or less flightly on the whole philosophy of “fuck it all”

im very familiar with its phrasing, as is my friend blake since we went through that “fuck it all” phase together in high school. it was a weird and almost sentimental reality, that no matter how hard we tried, he couldnt get over this sneaking suspision about something being suspicious, and i couldnt get over the fact that my shoes kept uuntying themselves.

it was the best of both worlds im sure. or maybe im not so sure and this is why we constantly say the mighty and wonderful phrase of “fuck it”. because if we dont, something even more doteful might happen.i dont even know what the word doteful means, it might mean something like a more happy doubtful person. thats a strange and unique combination of feelings.

happy and doubtful at hte same time! just like comedy central.

i blame the coffee

Well, I’m not even sure how to place this one short exchange. Volitile, Idiotic, Repugnant? Nah, too simple. Too needy, Too reliant on ones own blind ignorance to realize a polite request and come back with an insult. Thank god for the ability to block people. Look, I know that in a way I’m in the wrong for reacting to SOME situations the way I do.

Which, I don’t even know HOW to react in the wrong way. Its called a reaction. Its not a test, not a drill, no really correct way TO react to something happening to you. There are positive ways to react and negative ways to react as well, although, I’ve never really understood anything more or less blatant.

Dunno, kinda weird like that. and though I could bring up the fact that Slick Cherrick, LORD OF THE SUGARY SNACKFOODS, is out there sniveling over his so called idiot proof plan to do something… who knows anymore.

Look, I KNOW. Trust me, there’s know reason to bring up something stupid from the past, Hell I can’t even seem to get a few words out edge wise about how ticked off I am about most things. And though I can be a dick at times, its just part of my personality.  A small part.

Which brings us to todays topic.

Businesses that dont want repeat business, even though repeat business is what keeps the business going.

wait what? okay, correct me if im wrong here, and i just want to get my story straight here. so that way i dont incur its rath. i say “it” because why even bother giving “it” a gender. example follows.

Oh yeah, by the way, Slick Cherrick, lord of the sugary snacks is a product of my creativity, any and all similarities to persons living or dead is entirely coincetental and those who disagree can kiss my hairy ass.

Anyways, Slick Cherrick worked at a cupcake factory, lets call it Snacksmax, where he was in charge of fixing boxes of cup cakes that ‘work just the right way.

So, and this is just spit ballin here, but he has maybe two or three rooms spread out all over the place, so he’s constantly running about fixing peoples cupcake boxes and getting a workout over the whole thing. His bosses, seeing how overloaded he is with faulty carboard boxes, asking Slick to fix even more boxes when hes overworked and underpaid as it is. He says fuck you, I quit snacksmax. This is all kosher so far. And you all are getting the basic picture here.

So Snacksmax tries to get Slick Cherrick to sign a contract stating they fired him and he didn’t quit, this way he can’t fix other peoples cupcake boxes for a good two years. He refuses, stating that under candy land law, he doesnt have to sign shit, and gets up and prances his way out the door.

Fast Forward a few years later, Slick Cherrick has his own cupcake box repair place called LORD OF THE SUGARY SNACKS, and is doing pretty well for himself. but, dick chero doesnt want repeat business from various eateries, under the reasoning that he might think he didnt apply the right amount of glue to a certain corner of the box.

This is where we get lost. Because not only is Dick Chero barely scraping by with his own snackshop that competes with Snacksmax, but he doesn’t want the repeat business for fear that he migh’tve done something wrong, or the cupcakes taste a little less sweet. I would’ve thought Dick needed the extra business to help pay for his start up recipe trading site? Who knows anymore. I think I just got an idea on how to kick off 15.4!

Dick Chero is entirely fictional. Stop pounding the keyboard already.

Remember, these are my thoughts, they change from minute to minute, so if someone gets all butt hurt because of a stated opinion on a random blog, ON THE INTERNET, cause as we all now know… not only is the internet a series of tubes, its also serious fucking business.

shoulda woulda coulda didaminuteago

you know the best way to get back at someone you just dont like at all? hit em where it hurts the least, but does the most damage in the long run. now im not talking about hacking, or going batshit crazy, though at this point, were all due a major freak out every now and then.

nope, none that “wtf” stuff. none of that. what im talking about it harboring old connections, that while useless at the time of gaining them, come in handy really well!


I would like to start off by saying the following. I did not text my underwear snake to that woman. EVAH! I would also like to start by pointing out the fairly fucking obvious. We are all going batshit crazy. And I might add, not in the fun family friendly way either. No, we are going completely, utterly, and insanely batshit crazy. We had a promising canidate for Pres, and then the weiner pic had landed. Really!? TELL ME THATS NOT THE US GOING BATSHIT CRAZY! Because lets face it, there are times when being batshit crazy is just perfect for the sake of being batshit crazy. I’m going to keep saying that word. Why? Because I love you that much.

Folks, in the last three months, I’ve been away on a spiritual, physically obedeint odysee, and I went batshit crazy with in the first ten feet of the trip. You want to know why?

Because there are just these things out there, this weird, vibrant, electrifyingly real transparent static, the ether of our lives hanging there in the sky! Waiting for us to finally open our eyes to the truth, we are not alone in the universe, we can’t be just complacent the way we are!

My fellow readers, there is much to be said about life in general, the omnipresence of higher dieties, or religious figures, or even the lowly polotician, must soon realize that even though they might be sky high at the moment, they too will fall into the ever widening chasm of the transparent static, which clings to us like dirt on white pants, or a conveiniently placed whoopi cushion. One of the two.

Batshit crazy, remember, we are all, in one way or another, batshit crazy. Its the ever present theme of this parade we called life! This jubilant, extravaganza or crude humor, violent jokes, cruel harmless punishment, and savagery beyond measure! This life of ours is pleasure at its peak, the ultimate in psychologically stimuli that reaps and sows at the same time! Are we not given this freedom of thought to peruse at our own lesure?

Can we not see, that no matter where we land, or what we do, the ever present batshit crazy life we lead is like a series of horrid sequels, much in the line of the Rocky, Terminator, American Idol, Superman, Green Lantern, Thor and other such useless endeavors to relinquish our sufferage through the ignorance of others!?

Am I batshit crazy? Yes, in a way. Are you the same level of batshit crazy? Maybe. But you have a looooooong way to go!

In other news, Megan Fox was just sent a pic of Anthony Weiners Weiner, and then she compared it to hitlers. Who’s been dead. And deteriorating. so… Weiner’s weiner wins…Ii guess.


Whats on my mind today?

Well folks, this is the biggest blog ive written to date. Dont know if ill actually get through it, or how many pages ill get done a day. But its worth a try. At last count weve got ourselves about 12 pages to work with, so lets get to it shall we? Today is may 18th, 2011. I am 27 years old, in a relationship with my ex fiance, a perpetual intern, live with my folks, and to pop the cork… Struggle to rangle in my weird and random thoughts. Hence the title… Fancy, huh? Finally. A way to prepare a major mind flood! LETS GET IT ON! There are 23 total topics being covered in this. Dont know what theyll be or what they are. 1. On my mind today is the loss of the easiest internship EVER. Nick “misseria” millar was a pain in the ass to deal with at times, but he was also the first new friend ive made in a long time. Confusing, aint it? Oh well, im done with it, so its all
good. We parted on a simple agreement. He contacts me in anyway, shape or form, and ill write about him and the incident in question. He doesnt, and i wont. See? Simple. Moving on. 2. I dont know where id be without netflix! I caught up on so many shows and movies that ive become a devout user about it. Lexx, red dwarf, soap, robotech, farscape, and a few others come to mind. I recently started watching waiting for god and news radio, pretty good so far! Thought it best to break away from the family comedy a bit, you know. Waiting for god takes place in a retirement home and news radio in a station. It does, from time to time, get a bit overwhelming deciding on what to watch at times. Simply put, too many good choices! Some things are great, others, not so much. The worst part is when
the show ends. Theres this void, almost like breaking up. Part two coming soon.

Not to be a bother… buuuuut

Okay folks, it’s been a while since I just let loose on everything that’s bugging me… for some reason. Any who, for all intents and purposes, those of you who don’t like what I say in this blog can fuck off. Cause I’m not in the mood to play Mr. Nice guy at the moment… anyways, it’s been exactly a two weeks since I rage quit my regular gig as some dudes house cleaning, car pool lane requirement filling, target of god awful jokes.

 I just decided enough was enough. I’ll skimp on the details, and I’ve raged about it long enough already, but apparently I’ve still got some ragin to do. Why is that? Because of multiple things, and yes you stupid blog critics, this is probably going to wind up as one of those whiney blogs, but you know what blog critics? Fuck you. I’ve nothing to prove to you, and furthermore, I love writing the way I write!

That said, the target of my first gripe, is none other than the topic of conversation at the moment, Osama Been Fed To The Fishes. Or the people that caught him. You know what Seal Team 6? Here’s probably the best idea EVER! You should have gone to the compound when they were all asleep with a big assed tanker full of sleeping gas, pumped the shit into the house, gone in with gas masks, and snagged the sleeping sum bitch! but NOOOOOO! You had to go and shoot the fucker without giving us, the whole planet, the truest sufferers of that dick bags idiot organization, the rightfully so opportunity to watch on national live TV, as you tortured the fuck out him! That’s right! You should have torn off the fuckers beard, and face, and slammed his skinless head into a pile of salt and glass shards! Better yet, and those of you squeamish, better stop reading… I’ll wait. That’s enough, better yet, you should have cracked open his ribs and fried the fucker from the inside out!

Either that or forced him to endure that song “Friday” and watch a marathon of the Wiggles. Then shoot him in the head.

Okay, next up is what I actually want to rage about, the way things are going. Things are fucking idiotic in the world, yes, the fucking world is full of fucking morons that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, and yet they claim to be the brightest minds in the world. How the fuck do they know that!? HOW!? I would really like to figure this one out, because, let’s face it, there could be a person with a 300 IQ out there, who gets beaten at DDR by some hyperactive obese dude with a breathing problem and a cane.

Am I sorry for that comparison? No. not at all. Why? Because, this is just how my mind processes things. That’s another thing that pisses me off! The fact that I have justify what the hell I say because a few groups get all pissy!

“Fat people are always happy.”
“HEY! THAT’S NOT TRUE! Half have self image problems, and they compensate by eating, thus feeding the self image problems.”
“You shouldnt make fun of people based on how big or small their body is!”
“Then they shouldn’t have gotten that way to begin with, maybe instead of sitting around playing Minecraft all day and eating Cheetos and drinking Redbull, they should’ve been exorcising and maintaining a healthy diet! But NOOOO. And this is reality. Karma is 100 fold.”
“…Fuck you.”

therefor, I’m not going to justify my words to those who want justification! Why should I? That just means more work for me, and more reason for the haters to keep on hating! in order to stop the cycle, you have to throw a stick in the spokes! And launch their asses on that thing!

Am I a public figure?

Do I have a reputation to maintain?

Are there always going to be people out in the world that think I shouldn’t swear in my blogs, or not vent about my own frustrations because they think it’s going to hurt them?
Of course.

Will I keep on trucking?
Hell to the fuck yeah I will.

Folks you’ve got  to realize that I’m an adult, not some high schooler that constantly needs watching because I’m writing “adult” words on the wall in the bathroom. There are certain rules I like to follow, number one being, talk about whatever the fuck I want to talk about, and hopefully draw a big crowd. I loathe being interrupted about mundane shit WHILE I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF WOKING! I hate having to, constantly, get myself back on track because of one reason or another, I would think that people who know about the delicate balance between hard work, and constant annoyance, realize this hard fact of life!

Because let’s face it, nothings worse than getting a to a crucial part where you’re working hard, and BAM! Someone bursts into your room and tells you something that, at the moment, you don’t really care about, then they take five fucking minutes to get through it and I have to take a second to get back to work! Isn’t that a bit frustrating? Then after three times, you just say fuck this, and screw around on the net, because your train of thoughts been derailed so many times that you don’t actually give a flying fuck anymore!

More than that is the space of time between working on a piece, and forgetting where you were taking the storyline, and then its constantly changing as the weeks go by and finally you just give up! How the fuck is that fair!? And when you think you can get some work done, your boss decides to turn on the fucking TV and waste five hours while you’re trying to think of something to write about!

But the worlds not all bad, you just can’t fly off the handle without mentioning the great things in life, can you!? yeah, you can, but then youd wind up on live journal causing drama. That’s no fun at all. Any ways, time to end this thing on a good note!

Me and Caasi are back together after a year and a half of doing our own thing. We just celebrated our one month anniversary, and things are going great! Love you Hunny!

also, things are ramping up in the author signing part of the biz, so that… is going slow, not going to lie to you there folks, things are getting moved down the line, and… What can I say? but its good none the less.

I’m getting a bit more serious about finding part time work so I can get a place of my own, found something for 74k. If I can just find a job and save up, I’ll be happy as hell. That’s three good things!

Life is wonderful in all its interesting aspects, and I do realize that the various disorders, both mental, physical, and genetical… lol, genetical… can make things a bit rough for those of you out there who are stricken with it. Then again, you can also find the humor in all of it. Plus, for you, the jokes help ease the pain of what you’re going through, just as long as they don’t go too far. So it kinda evens out in the end! 

That’s another good thing!

Happiness is what you make of it. I know I havent been posting as much as I would like to, and trust me, I will get back to it whenever I can so you all can enjoy the meandering thoughts of mine, just have a bit more patience, and everything with even out. Now to edit this monster… ugh… not looking forward to this part. ALWAYS SUCKS! It teaches me a good trade.



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