Not to be a bother… buuuuut

Okay folks, it’s been a while since I just let loose on everything that’s bugging me… for some reason. Any who, for all intents and purposes, those of you who don’t like what I say in this blog can fuck off. Cause I’m not in the mood to play Mr. Nice guy at the moment… anyways, it’s been exactly a two weeks since I rage quit my regular gig as some dudes house cleaning, car pool lane requirement filling, target of god awful jokes.

 I just decided enough was enough. I’ll skimp on the details, and I’ve raged about it long enough already, but apparently I’ve still got some ragin to do. Why is that? Because of multiple things, and yes you stupid blog critics, this is probably going to wind up as one of those whiney blogs, but you know what blog critics? Fuck you. I’ve nothing to prove to you, and furthermore, I love writing the way I write!

That said, the target of my first gripe, is none other than the topic of conversation at the moment, Osama Been Fed To The Fishes. Or the people that caught him. You know what Seal Team 6? Here’s probably the best idea EVER! You should have gone to the compound when they were all asleep with a big assed tanker full of sleeping gas, pumped the shit into the house, gone in with gas masks, and snagged the sleeping sum bitch! but NOOOOOO! You had to go and shoot the fucker without giving us, the whole planet, the truest sufferers of that dick bags idiot organization, the rightfully so opportunity to watch on national live TV, as you tortured the fuck out him! That’s right! You should have torn off the fuckers beard, and face, and slammed his skinless head into a pile of salt and glass shards! Better yet, and those of you squeamish, better stop reading… I’ll wait. That’s enough, better yet, you should have cracked open his ribs and fried the fucker from the inside out!

Either that or forced him to endure that song “Friday” and watch a marathon of the Wiggles. Then shoot him in the head.

Okay, next up is what I actually want to rage about, the way things are going. Things are fucking idiotic in the world, yes, the fucking world is full of fucking morons that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, and yet they claim to be the brightest minds in the world. How the fuck do they know that!? HOW!? I would really like to figure this one out, because, let’s face it, there could be a person with a 300 IQ out there, who gets beaten at DDR by some hyperactive obese dude with a breathing problem and a cane.

Am I sorry for that comparison? No. not at all. Why? Because, this is just how my mind processes things. That’s another thing that pisses me off! The fact that I have justify what the hell I say because a few groups get all pissy!

“Fat people are always happy.”
“HEY! THAT’S NOT TRUE! Half have self image problems, and they compensate by eating, thus feeding the self image problems.”
“You shouldnt make fun of people based on how big or small their body is!”
“Then they shouldn’t have gotten that way to begin with, maybe instead of sitting around playing Minecraft all day and eating Cheetos and drinking Redbull, they should’ve been exorcising and maintaining a healthy diet! But NOOOO. And this is reality. Karma is 100 fold.”
“…Fuck you.”

therefor, I’m not going to justify my words to those who want justification! Why should I? That just means more work for me, and more reason for the haters to keep on hating! in order to stop the cycle, you have to throw a stick in the spokes! And launch their asses on that thing!

Am I a public figure?

Do I have a reputation to maintain?

Are there always going to be people out in the world that think I shouldn’t swear in my blogs, or not vent about my own frustrations because they think it’s going to hurt them?
Of course.

Will I keep on trucking?
Hell to the fuck yeah I will.

Folks you’ve got  to realize that I’m an adult, not some high schooler that constantly needs watching because I’m writing “adult” words on the wall in the bathroom. There are certain rules I like to follow, number one being, talk about whatever the fuck I want to talk about, and hopefully draw a big crowd. I loathe being interrupted about mundane shit WHILE I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF WOKING! I hate having to, constantly, get myself back on track because of one reason or another, I would think that people who know about the delicate balance between hard work, and constant annoyance, realize this hard fact of life!

Because let’s face it, nothings worse than getting a to a crucial part where you’re working hard, and BAM! Someone bursts into your room and tells you something that, at the moment, you don’t really care about, then they take five fucking minutes to get through it and I have to take a second to get back to work! Isn’t that a bit frustrating? Then after three times, you just say fuck this, and screw around on the net, because your train of thoughts been derailed so many times that you don’t actually give a flying fuck anymore!

More than that is the space of time between working on a piece, and forgetting where you were taking the storyline, and then its constantly changing as the weeks go by and finally you just give up! How the fuck is that fair!? And when you think you can get some work done, your boss decides to turn on the fucking TV and waste five hours while you’re trying to think of something to write about!

But the worlds not all bad, you just can’t fly off the handle without mentioning the great things in life, can you!? yeah, you can, but then youd wind up on live journal causing drama. That’s no fun at all. Any ways, time to end this thing on a good note!

Me and Caasi are back together after a year and a half of doing our own thing. We just celebrated our one month anniversary, and things are going great! Love you Hunny!

also, things are ramping up in the author signing part of the biz, so that… is going slow, not going to lie to you there folks, things are getting moved down the line, and… What can I say? but its good none the less.

I’m getting a bit more serious about finding part time work so I can get a place of my own, found something for 74k. If I can just find a job and save up, I’ll be happy as hell. That’s three good things!

Life is wonderful in all its interesting aspects, and I do realize that the various disorders, both mental, physical, and genetical… lol, genetical… can make things a bit rough for those of you out there who are stricken with it. Then again, you can also find the humor in all of it. Plus, for you, the jokes help ease the pain of what you’re going through, just as long as they don’t go too far. So it kinda evens out in the end! 

That’s another good thing!

Happiness is what you make of it. I know I havent been posting as much as I would like to, and trust me, I will get back to it whenever I can so you all can enjoy the meandering thoughts of mine, just have a bit more patience, and everything with even out. Now to edit this monster… ugh… not looking forward to this part. ALWAYS SUCKS! It teaches me a good trade.



Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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