Whats on my mind today?

Well folks, this is the biggest blog ive written to date. Dont know if ill actually get through it, or how many pages ill get done a day. But its worth a try. At last count weve got ourselves about 12 pages to work with, so lets get to it shall we? Today is may 18th, 2011. I am 27 years old, in a relationship with my ex fiance, a perpetual intern, live with my folks, and to pop the cork… Struggle to rangle in my weird and random thoughts. Hence the title… Fancy, huh? Finally. A way to prepare a major mind flood! LETS GET IT ON! There are 23 total topics being covered in this. Dont know what theyll be or what they are. 1. On my mind today is the loss of the easiest internship EVER. Nick “misseria” millar was a pain in the ass to deal with at times, but he was also the first new friend ive made in a long time. Confusing, aint it? Oh well, im done with it, so its all
good. We parted on a simple agreement. He contacts me in anyway, shape or form, and ill write about him and the incident in question. He doesnt, and i wont. See? Simple. Moving on. 2. I dont know where id be without netflix! I caught up on so many shows and movies that ive become a devout user about it. Lexx, red dwarf, soap, robotech, farscape, and a few others come to mind. I recently started watching waiting for god and news radio, pretty good so far! Thought it best to break away from the family comedy a bit, you know. Waiting for god takes place in a retirement home and news radio in a station. It does, from time to time, get a bit overwhelming deciding on what to watch at times. Simply put, too many good choices! Some things are great, others, not so much. The worst part is when
the show ends. Theres this void, almost like breaking up. Part two coming soon.

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