I would like to start off by saying the following. I did not text my underwear snake to that woman. EVAH! I would also like to start by pointing out the fairly fucking obvious. We are all going batshit crazy. And I might add, not in the fun family friendly way either. No, we are going completely, utterly, and insanely batshit crazy. We had a promising canidate for Pres, and then the weiner pic had landed. Really!? TELL ME THATS NOT THE US GOING BATSHIT CRAZY! Because lets face it, there are times when being batshit crazy is just perfect for the sake of being batshit crazy. I’m going to keep saying that word. Why? Because I love you that much.

Folks, in the last three months, I’ve been away on a spiritual, physically obedeint odysee, and I went batshit crazy with in the first ten feet of the trip. You want to know why?

Because there are just these things out there, this weird, vibrant, electrifyingly real transparent static, the ether of our lives hanging there in the sky! Waiting for us to finally open our eyes to the truth, we are not alone in the universe, we can’t be just complacent the way we are!

My fellow readers, there is much to be said about life in general, the omnipresence of higher dieties, or religious figures, or even the lowly polotician, must soon realize that even though they might be sky high at the moment, they too will fall into the ever widening chasm of the transparent static, which clings to us like dirt on white pants, or a conveiniently placed whoopi cushion. One of the two.

Batshit crazy, remember, we are all, in one way or another, batshit crazy. Its the ever present theme of this parade we called life! This jubilant, extravaganza or crude humor, violent jokes, cruel harmless punishment, and savagery beyond measure! This life of ours is pleasure at its peak, the ultimate in psychologically stimuli that reaps and sows at the same time! Are we not given this freedom of thought to peruse at our own lesure?

Can we not see, that no matter where we land, or what we do, the ever present batshit crazy life we lead is like a series of horrid sequels, much in the line of the Rocky, Terminator, American Idol, Superman, Green Lantern, Thor and other such useless endeavors to relinquish our sufferage through the ignorance of others!?

Am I batshit crazy? Yes, in a way. Are you the same level of batshit crazy? Maybe. But you have a looooooong way to go!

In other news, Megan Fox was just sent a pic of Anthony Weiners Weiner, and then she compared it to hitlers. Who’s been dead. And deteriorating. so… Weiner’s weiner wins…Ii guess.


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