i blame the coffee

Well, I’m not even sure how to place this one short exchange. Volitile, Idiotic, Repugnant? Nah, too simple. Too needy, Too reliant on ones own blind ignorance to realize a polite request and come back with an insult. Thank god for the ability to block people. Look, I know that in a way I’m in the wrong for reacting to SOME situations the way I do.

Which, I don’t even know HOW to react in the wrong way. Its called a reaction. Its not a test, not a drill, no really correct way TO react to something happening to you. There are positive ways to react and negative ways to react as well, although, I’ve never really understood anything more or less blatant.

Dunno, kinda weird like that. and though I could bring up the fact that Slick Cherrick, LORD OF THE SUGARY SNACKFOODS, is out there sniveling over his so called idiot proof plan to do something… who knows anymore.

Look, I KNOW. Trust me, there’s know reason to bring up something stupid from the past, Hell I can’t even seem to get a few words out edge wise about how ticked off I am about most things. And though I can be a dick at times, its just part of my personality.  A small part.

Which brings us to todays topic.

Businesses that dont want repeat business, even though repeat business is what keeps the business going.

wait what? okay, correct me if im wrong here, and i just want to get my story straight here. so that way i dont incur its rath. i say “it” because why even bother giving “it” a gender. example follows.

Oh yeah, by the way, Slick Cherrick, lord of the sugary snacks is a product of my creativity, any and all similarities to persons living or dead is entirely coincetental and those who disagree can kiss my hairy ass.

Anyways, Slick Cherrick worked at a cupcake factory, lets call it Snacksmax, where he was in charge of fixing boxes of cup cakes that ‘work just the right way.

So, and this is just spit ballin here, but he has maybe two or three rooms spread out all over the place, so he’s constantly running about fixing peoples cupcake boxes and getting a workout over the whole thing. His bosses, seeing how overloaded he is with faulty carboard boxes, asking Slick to fix even more boxes when hes overworked and underpaid as it is. He says fuck you, I quit snacksmax. This is all kosher so far. And you all are getting the basic picture here.

So Snacksmax tries to get Slick Cherrick to sign a contract stating they fired him and he didn’t quit, this way he can’t fix other peoples cupcake boxes for a good two years. He refuses, stating that under candy land law, he doesnt have to sign shit, and gets up and prances his way out the door.

Fast Forward a few years later, Slick Cherrick has his own cupcake box repair place called LORD OF THE SUGARY SNACKS, and is doing pretty well for himself. but, dick chero doesnt want repeat business from various eateries, under the reasoning that he might think he didnt apply the right amount of glue to a certain corner of the box.

This is where we get lost. Because not only is Dick Chero barely scraping by with his own snackshop that competes with Snacksmax, but he doesn’t want the repeat business for fear that he migh’tve done something wrong, or the cupcakes taste a little less sweet. I would’ve thought Dick needed the extra business to help pay for his start up recipe trading site? Who knows anymore. I think I just got an idea on how to kick off 15.4!

Dick Chero is entirely fictional. Stop pounding the keyboard already.

Remember, these are my thoughts, they change from minute to minute, so if someone gets all butt hurt because of a stated opinion on a random blog, ON THE INTERNET, cause as we all now know… not only is the internet a series of tubes, its also serious fucking business.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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