im feeling a bit flighty at the moment.

im not even sure why that is, ive got nothing to be worried about. absolutely nothing. and yet, i have lots to worry about, its not that ive got online stalkers knocking down the doors to beg me to have their babies, thats just freaky, no. im more or less flightly on the whole philosophy of “fuck it all”

im very familiar with its phrasing, as is my friend blake since we went through that “fuck it all” phase together in high school. it was a weird and almost sentimental reality, that no matter how hard we tried, he couldnt get over this sneaking suspision about something being suspicious, and i couldnt get over the fact that my shoes kept uuntying themselves.

it was the best of both worlds im sure. or maybe im not so sure and this is why we constantly say the mighty and wonderful phrase of “fuck it”. because if we dont, something even more doteful might happen.i dont even know what the word doteful means, it might mean something like a more happy doubtful person. thats a strange and unique combination of feelings.

happy and doubtful at hte same time! just like comedy central.

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