Time to pull out the big guns!

Well folks, its been a while since I’ve had to excorsize this rusty steel trap of mine for an actually deep and or interest thought! So lets dig a little deeper and see what we can find.

Lately, I’ve been pondering both aspects of the light and dark spectrum of things. There has to be a middle ground somewhere right? Right, I thought so. But outside of our usual day to day struggle to find the right cup of coffee, bomb the crap out of someplace we don’t like, or even slam some heads at the movie theatre, Its all the same isn’t it? There isn’t really any black or white, its all just shades of grey to the point where we just see black or white. Nope, not talking about racial injustice, or some evil master plan to screw you over, I’m talking just what is right in front of you.

Remember what we all learned in science class? That pretty much everything we see is simply light smacking around the universe? So this pretty much means, that all kinds of colors are pretty much a moot point. Why is that important? Because, it just is. Think about the last time people actually stopped to try and figure this whole confusing thing out.

Lol, not deep enough yet? What about all the times you secretly, or openly, I dont judge, reacted against a person because of their color? Or what they were wearing? It isn’t the style of clothes, but rather the color. Science has pretty much proven that we react pretty much based on color.

It doesn’t even need to be physical color. We see mental flashes of color as well, and we all know the color wheel, so its not really necissary to cover that whole shpeel, now is it?

Moving to a different subject, because at the moment, talking about color makes me fucking irritated. Maybe I saw a mental flash of yellow? Dunno… needs more research.

Okay! So, I’ve been busy rounding up contributors left and right over the past few days. We’ve got Brent with “Dude, found your thoughts”, Mion Sonozaki with “Epiccer thoughts”, Dan will probably get signed to Brents blog as a contributor since they both have similiar blogging styles. Then theres Lil Glampy, and two new members that I’ve yet to induct them into the blogsphere here.

Thats seven all together! I’m going to try something interesting in a bit.

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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