yadda yadda yadda

I’m gettign way too distracted now a days… I can’t think straight or attempt to write the story and its driving me fucking nuts. I sit down, get everything ready, start writing and get into a paragraph of it, then this sudden urge to stop writing and do something else hits me. I don’t like it at all. Maybe I need to get something that’ll help me focus? 

It could just be that I have so much on my mind. I don’t like admitting stuff like this because then it makes me feel a little bit weak. WHY!? Or maybe its because I’m trying to get my contributor numbers up and outside of Lil Glampy and Mion, no ones really stepped upto the plate in terms of writing content. These are just  strange and wonderful thoughts.

I do plan on finishing the story and fixing it up, and getting it published. its all a matter of just getting it done! The fact of the matter is, that there is something going on with me, and I’m losing bits and peices of myself all the time! its not fair! I need to use more than just periods!


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