the chaos of our minds, unite to form a empty box!

Okay folks, its been a while, I get that, but ultimately, who can actually blame  me right? In fact, everyone can, its not a matter of trying out new and improved things, its more like an adventure movie with a fat dude in a leotard in place of the buff idiot with a bald spot!

Wow, what a concept right?

For the longest time, people all over this funny little dirtball in space have been pondering the meaningless meaning of life! Who the fuck knows, and how can I order some good ol PPV on cable tonight? That’s what it boils down to folks, none of the philisophical meandering bullshit, that everyone seems to spew off mountain tops is right or wrong.

Some of y’all love blowing things up, then screwin your brains out with inexperienced women, others feel the fluffly cloud theory, I personally believe it all just means we’re trying to avoid the one fact thats the truth.
We just lie there.
In a box.
While worms chow down on whatevers left of the grey matter in our heads.

More of that later, for now, while we’re all just alive and kicking, lets focus on the rampant, and unadulterated stupididty, that is reality TV. mostly Big Brother, because all the rest of the shows suck ass. Yes, even the mostly extreme makeover show where tye rampages into your house, and pretty much rips down one thing, and places something else there seven days later.

Folks, though yours truly is a magnificent BB fanatic. I hate brenchal. Yes, I suppose the morality of that choice of words, isn’t up to snuff. And yes, they might be good people, but when the whiny twins decide to split hairs and cop a feel on America’s heart beat, they give us all heart attacks.  In the house, it is now good vs evil, without the Evel Dick. God rest his funny, fuzzy assed little soul.

Its Jeff and Jordan against Brenchal!
The angels versus that thing over there!
And the sides are all stacked to topple these mighty giants, like a piece of noodle getting stuck up a aviators nose while he does a loop the loop! Like em or hate em, they’re leading the pack and chomping on any nasty floaters that pop into their line of sight!
Like two beagals eating bagels!
Like two octopi being shoved down some Japanese interns pants!
Like Gene Hackman eating a roast beef sandwich!
Like Tom Cruise punching a pillow!
Like Rodney Dangerfield getting respect!
Like Oprah owning her own channel!
Like Dolchi and Gabanna ripping through a line of lipstick for men!

And theres nothing the NEWBS can do about it!

Lets get a lil serious for a moment and pay our respects to the victims of the Norwegian Massecre, may they rest in peace. Meanwhile, may the perpatrator of this horrendous crime be slaughtered where he stands.

In other news, a lot of stuff happened, and thats about it.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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