alright my lil folksies! lets get it ON!

Bow chica bow down!
Hells yeah!
Thats what I’m talking about!
You think its sex!?
Hells to the eff naw dawgs and dawgettes, I’m not talking about the swinging sensation known as the vibration circulation!
Nope. What am I talking about?

Shweetness, utter, pure, unrelenting shweetness, that is the fact that I am now officially off the market, not for sale, gone with the wind, hot, hot and heavy and attached! 

I am engaged folks. and nothing bring me more pleasure than to announce this right here on my favorite site of all time! Posterous baby! Yeah! posterous me just the right angle! Lmao, you dirty, sick minded twits. Kidding… mostly.

Anyways, things that have changed. Well, we now have two exchange students living with us for the next year, ones from Thailand, and shes freaking adorable! And the others from Denmark, and… well, she’s cool too. Now their in Sultana highschool, which by all accounts is like putting two drops of red food coloring in a glass and water, and watching the magic unfold in such a way… that it just amazes you.

Yes folks, I am proud to announce with some small bit of hesitation, that we are wierd as hell. In a good way, most of the time. Anyways, the differences between these two girls is awesome and mysterious, like a fun magazine with no actual point to its publication. Because I want to kinda buffer them from whatever decides to flow form this post, I’ll simply refer to them as South for the one from denamrk, and North for the one from thailand. 

There are a few pros and cons to both of them, but why bother going over them? Honestly… anyways. Its up to me as their exchange brother to make sure they have a cool experience, but it does kinda sting a bit when I try to do stuff with them and they arent available… mostly because they’re studying and getting homework done. I don’t know why this is, but it just does. Considering that school just started and everyones still in a hellbent razor edged rush to make sure things are going good, I can afford to be stung a few times.

South and North… ironic considering that South is from the north and north is from the south.  How cool is that!?

Moving on… Twitter. i need to get a twitter for the DS up and running… Blake will take care of running it full of DS related stuff. So… I guess thats it from me!

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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