karmiac intereactions…

okay folks, the time for war has once again appeared, and this old soldiers got nothing better to do. personally though, im just tired of the same old shit happening over and over. i mean, really… its almost as if slicks been stalking me this whole time, and silly ol me thought he had forgotten about me. lmao… that wouldve been pleasant beyond wonders. but hey, if he feels like trying to take me down with empty threats and idiot wills, let em.

not thats going to do slick a bit of good. who knows, maybe ill get to stretch my wings a bit and get to unleash some angery writing on him, lol. nah. im not that deep in this. rule number uno, always keep aloof, dont put too much of yourself into something that may bite your ass on the way out. and always scope for useful intel.

most of thats been roughly ignored, and i dont blame anyone. mostly, i wanted to leave that crap job, and i didnt really have that much in the way of reasoning to do it. i dont care about the past anymore, im tired of thinking about it onyl to be reminded of how i wound up in thep osition i did.

i know, i know. ive got better things to do with my time than write and rant about idiots with attention whore problems.  and its true.. i do have better things to do. but somehow, i doubt the opposition feels the same way. in truth, all we can really do is ride out whatever demented coaster happens to be pullingo ur way, and hope to god the sudden lurch at the end doesnt snap our necks.

i will admit, that there have been moments where ive acted more unlike myself than i want to realize, nothing harmful, just lots of yelling and grunting, but more than those fun times, its just a pain to build the bridges your not going to cross again for one reason or the other.

in the end, we all cross that same bridge, no matter what weve done in our life, no matter how invincible people think they are, we all die in the end. coming to grips with my own mortality, while terrifying, has released some of the doubt ive been plagued with… 

but, thats life, live and learn.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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