aint life just a wonderful lil thing?

well folks, i have to give it to slick for being able to stick to his guns about something no one cares about. i know slick reads this, and to be honest, im not about to go feeling guilty for simply doing my own thing. i really dont like bringing stupid as hell drama back into the light… but ive got one hell of a tick in my mind, and this ones not letting go anytime soon.

sides, been a while since i vented.

so lets get down to brass tacks here. you all know the shiznet that went down so i wont be bogging you down with that bs. hell to the eff naw i wont. so lets try a little reactionary shite shall we? first off, slicks got a serious case of the ocd. hell admit that right off the bat. and one of the worst things i read you can do is to help people with the condition with their rituals, or stuff they go through on a daily basis. now im not going to bring up old shite, hell i dont really feel like doing that. 

so instead, im going to use MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH< A CONSTITUTIONALLY GIVEN RIGHT, to protest his idiocy. remember folks, itso nly in places like the good ol united stated of america where we can truly vent our frustrations in the name of life, liberty, and getting the bullshit off our backs.

first off, i worked for nick millar. yes MILLAR, his given name. i think its a cool last name, dont get me wrong. but thats life for you. aint it? now i know what you mustb e thinking, “was he really that bad a person? dont we all have faults that in one aspect or another, annoy other people just badly?” the answer to that is yes. 

the second question is yes, the first question is not so much. obviously, he mustve had some emotional short circuit bad enough for me to want to stop working for a guy whos just trying to make a name forhimself in the world, hell, i would think thats all any of us really want. to be known for something. and im not questioning the hows and whys of the situation, god knows ive thought about those for thel ongest time before becoming so fucking embroiled in them that i just didnt want to think about it anymore.

ive seen both his professional side, as well as the personal, both the good and the bad. now its not really enough that i had to sit through whatever over emotional rollercoaster the first time and try to give him some sort of counter reason as tto why what he did was not the right hting to do, and ill admit that ive made some poorer choices than he on certain situations.

so why the fuck did i work for him in the first place? 
didnt i realize that what was going to happen would happen?
didnt i see the warning signs that maybe, just maybe, this guy had a few misfiring connections?
didnt i witness first hand what kind of, in my own opinion (unless express ones own frustration in writing has somehow in midst of everything weve gone through the past ten years become illegal), tyranical jack hole this guy was and the intrapersonal skills he lacked to carry on actual conversations that diverged from whatever HE wanted to talk about?

hell yes i did.

he also had games out the ass. my nummero uno weakness. ill admit that was the silver lining to all of the BS that went down, as well as learning a bit more about the guy then i really needed to. but thats where my own drawbacks fall into play. 

the less you talk, the more you learn.

and oh my fucking shit nuts, did i learn. and fast.

not so much what a complete and utter dick this guy could be when the person he wanted to pay attention to him didnt pay attention to him, but how much worse he could be when he bit down on the bone and didnt let go.

look, im sorry for whatever butt hurt assmunch reason he wants to lay out there, but to be honest, i dont care about the guy anymore. in fact, i told his “fake lawyer chat id” that i didnt care to think that they actually existed. i really really do not like the guy at all. hes an antithesis on whatevers decent in the order of things. 

im sure that in his off asshole hours hes a decent guy, but in the mean time, hes just not worth the effort. hes not worth the effort, hes not worth the effort is what i keep telling myself any time i get the fucking urge to rip him a new one online. instead, i simply imagine him as this scared, wimpy, whining, potato sack headed leech that simply needs to grow a pair, and find some replacement ritual which doesnt involve driving and pissing off the people who mightve had his back, if it had only been for the fact that he didnt share every whining, doney slathering needless idiocrocy their way.

and im sure as fuck that any women hes dated since the whole JG incident have felt the wet noodle lack slaps of misplaced guilt tripshes knocked their way because he wasnt in his happy place.


that being said, lets move on to other bullshit that happens to be ticking the fuse closer to exploding on my list of bullshit that pisses me off.

currently outside of any stupid academy awards cerimony thats nothing more than a ego stroker with a gold plated condom wrapper, i cant really think of anything.

yes, the feild of pickings is ripe with annotations of why they should be considered to be on my shitlist of thingsid rant about, but nothing, NOTHING, is pissing me off more than good ol big brother thirteen. 

needless to say, this season is a major fucking disappointment. rachel, that self serving, ex waitress wannabe with the fakest hair extensions in the fuckingp lanet, has remained in the house against my wishes. not thaat my damned wishes could get that effer heffer out, but it helps to think that my hulk lke ability to open a package of ramen has some other uses as well. but dont take my word for it, if you thought you needed a round house kick to the head by chuck norris dressed as a nun to like rachel…. think again.

to start off with, no one likes her. maybe one or two basement dwellers with a few loads to wank out of their system would support her because those damned boobs of hers keeps bouncing away any actually intelligence she has. but for the most part, shes a great gamep layer, and maybe thats wahy people dont like her. 

NAW, that cant be it, cant it? outside of the stigma thaat was unleashed with the whole “brendon showed his dick to the world and rachel broke with him, and brendon cried.” thing, theres not much else to mention. 

oh… yes there is. 

theres the whole “no one coms between me and my (insert whatever object/term/place/person/dildo/douche backstreet boy/dicktionary you want) saying… is there no way to justify how utterly annoying, adolescent, inbred, hick born, flock of vaginal flea infested bitch whore fuck she actually is. there is no true justification about how annoying that woman actually is with out comparing her to the pretend star singer of the “friday” viral hit thats drawn so much fucking ire, it makes you want to be a beiber fan.

its that fucking bad. i was sorely disapointed this season, SORELY. and i love big brother, i really fucking do. except for brenchal. i was happy as FUCK when jeff put the whiny brat in her place. there is not much else to love about her. shes a fake as fuck red head, with no fucking clue how to run her life into the ground, with out the need of public assistance or the adoring fucking hatred that weve decidedly given to her.

but hey, itsn ot like weve got a choice in the matter. in fact, i would dare say that compared to slicks antics and stupid blogs he posts online, there really is nothing more dick headish about than listening to the poor, braying heart broken brattiness that comes with listneing to that woman.

but far be for me to slam my wieght around!

oh yes, let me touch up on some other stupid people this side… never mind.

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