you deserve a special place.

Poor baby. You know what Slick? Now that I know that your “former self” died, and I have a few interesting things.

a. not your intern anymore. 

b. “FORMER SELF”, since he’s been dead for so many years, won’t mind if I use his name in future postings, since he doesn’t exist anymore anyways, and I guess you were wrong Slick.

You see, heres the rub of that whole name changing bit, half of you will ALWAYS be Slick Sr., His DNA will forever be embedded in you, and no matter how much distance you put between yourself and him, you can never get far enough away from him, because…

A little piece of him will always be encoded into your heart. That may not seem like such a bad consolation considering this.

Any of your descendants you create and they create, will have a peice of his DNA in their genetic code. Simply because thats the way life is.

So, now and forever, Nick Millar WILL always be Nick Millar. No matter how many times he tries to kill it.

So… I win. Always winning.

But let’s not forget the dueling blogs. Or rather since this will get fed into the Twitter feed, and you being you Slick, will always be interested to see what kinds of stuff lil ol me will be spouting out next! 

Now I’ve got to admit, I might not have the glampire lifestyle you’ve got going on, sucking down Mio like its going out of style, sticking your glue gun into them boxes like no ones business, but let’s face it.

No matter how big you may think you are, you simply one person.


A single unit of measurement.

One human being on a planet with over six billion others. That’s not even counting all the other life forms, bacteria, microscopic life forms and so on.

Plus, yay for you. The site got all pertified with some help. But riddle me this?

How are you going to make it bigger than just a carbon copy forum site with some special features, a few hundred flash games that tons of other sites use already, a slightly impressive user base for a start up site that might crap out within a year or two more when something bigger and better pops up?

Its those kinds of questions that make me giddy for the future.

But let’s not forget the FBI thing Slick, after all, if I had done anything REALLY stupid, like delete the whole thing, then you might have a case. Banning you from you own site, messing with your total points, and releasing the ban on a few people you don’t like? Not to mention all from the comfort of my own home, form my own laptop, with the administrative privaliges you bestowed upon me while I was a member of your site as head Ebrarian,  and some other title you bestowed upon me?

The fact that you said I “broke into your home and hacked into your computer, and  commited cyber terrorism” is false, which by the way, means you LIED to the FBI if they really decided to take you seriously. You don’t think they’ve been scoping out both our sites? You don’t think they’ve watched you label me as a pedophile, or post my number up on Craigs List, call me a ginger kid which is offesive beyond words, and than repeatedly posted my number, hoping that for some wierd reason, I’d get all butt hurt about it?

If you didn’t do it, you did it by enabling someone else to do it.

Please. I bet you had everything repaired and working fine and dandy within a week or so. Don’t make me laugh with whatever threats you lob out at me, because if I am questioned, if they really are, as you say, after me, then I’ll just tell them the simple truth. After all, a innocent man has nothing to hide.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing my own thing, and finally knocking down the tall tower that is my list of crap to complete. And mind you, even though I’ve got a sizable chunk done, I’m far from done.

Cyber terrorism? Please. It’s september 16th and the only thing I’m really interested in is getting my projects done and published.

Authoratative figure on the web, you are not.

Its probably causing you some type of headache deep within that glorious lil mind of yours knowing that for once, you’re not up against an ex girlfriend that you can threaten to sabotage their computer out of some emotional spurt of rage.

I’ve got huge plans for my writing career Slick Cherrick. And trust me, they will continue long after your cupcake box repair shop craps out because of lack of repeat business.

And yes, before you get your panties in twist, I do check on the site maybe, what? two or three times in the last five months? That was essentially to copy paste all of my works off that ridiculous excuse of a forum you’ve got going at the moment.

I can safely say that I’m able to walk the streets and sleep easy, knowing that while I might not have the life you have, nor the god awful smelling matress from Hell, I have a Fiance, a stable relationship, a slowly growing business venture, a loving family that knows me inside and out.

I’m not saying that you don’t have a loving family, obviously your Mother is a very caring woman whose got your back no matter what. And thats something to be proud of! You also have a Brother, not a very nice one, but at least you HAVE a brother that you can see regularly if you want.

So before you get all nerd rage on me, just remember that at one point, I had your back, at one point I lent you my phone to use when you crappily broke yours trying to fix it. So go ahead, throw out all the evil threats you want, because when it comes down to it Slicky, when it really comes down to it?


You’ll still have your Dads DNA coursing through your veins. Millar DNA. And it is a complete and utter slap in the face of your father, grand father, great grandfather and before him forever more that you changed your name.

My name is Morgan Edward James Gavin! Son of Edward Gavin, firstborn grandchild of James Francis and Leon Gavin. I wear that title with pride, despite my various social adaptation problems and learning disability.

I accepted the faults of my father long, long, LONG before I realized it. I don’t throw away my last name because I’m sick of it, I carry it proudly on my shoulders, shout it off the tops of mountains, and smile gladly whenever I get the chance to!

Misseria, Nero. Pheh. Those are just attempts to run away from the issues that you fear the most about confrontating any issues you might have about your identity or lineage.

To be honest, you are nothing more than a insignificant speck, that merely amuses me till I get bored of you and move on to something grander.

Call me what you will, but in the grand scheme of things, in the entire history of the Human race and the Universe and existence, we don’t really matter. We simply think because we’re able to create, that we are special in one way or another. In truth, all things great and small create, all things great and small are productions of millenia of the survival of the fittest.

The simple fact being, that no matter how long you run, in your last moments on your death bed, your Fathers image will be the last thing to burn into your fading sight. It will be the first thing you will see as your life flashes before your eyes in every near death experience you have, every “traumatic” break up you go through, and you will remember his words. whether you like it or not.

That is reality. 

Really. Is this honestly the best you can do to irritate me? Hell, Hauptman111 did a better job than you at picking on me. And eventually, he got bored as well. Same as you!

 I eternally, epic win.


Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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