dear #SOPA, leave the net free! #stopSOPA

Wow, tags in the title!? I’m impressed. But not so much about the whole SOPA law that stupid people in stupid Congress are trying to pass. It’s a horrible thing to do to all those Deviant artists and their Furry work, or even for me. In my blog novel, “Sogno Della Dinistia” that I semi regularly write here on Posterous, I use A LOT of references of material thats copy righted, and yeah, I do post it on places to make a little spare change here and there, plus, I like using whatever the Hell references I can when writing it.

With the SOPA law going into effect, and I won’t try to act like I know the ins and outs of it because let’s face people, I only know what I read from the net, and news sites around it. Think about how this would affect politics. The Libs and Con… servatives go after each other with attack ads. And since those Libs and Con… servatives are copy righting their names and faces, with the law going into effect, anything that might hinder their political progress on the net would be kaput, and they’d have to go about doing things the 1920’s way. Sandwhich boards, annoying paper sellers shouting, and radio blasphemy.

I don’t like SOPA.
Let’s get that out of the way right now.
I hate it.
I hate anything that limits what I can and can’t say because it really is the Freedom of Speech on the net for all. The Governments may not like it, but that’s just the way it is. And because the SOPA is mainly James Ulrich from Metallica’s rage boner against Napster gone nuclear, this means that in effect, SOPA is every Nerds worst bully EVER. 

Vote down the SOPA, lynch which ever overbearing parenting watchdog lobbiest group came up with this idea, and let’s get on with our normally sheduled free for all on the net. Hell, if Occupy Wall Street was a smash success in getting in the way of one mans pepper spray rage, think of all the gas this guy’d have to buy in order to pepper spray EVERY single person whose ever wrote something that Corporate America finds distasteful.

Never mind writing, even videos would be hate crimed tht had such things as references to anything that’s been created. Teens wouldn’t be able to hurt themselves because Jack Ass would be suing everyone for hurting themselves in ways they copy righted. And then where would Daniel Tosh be? The creators of those videos would in turn sue ol “Roll of hundreds up the ass” Because theyve been shown on TV without their consent.

What about all the Glampire/Emowizard/Stupid idiotic ideas that producers come up with? In one fashion or another, they’ve all been done over a thousand times. The only way screen writers could actually get away with anything is if they created a script where a gay, STD infected, wheel chair bound, transgendered, black albinofied glam rocking half vampire half werewolf midget quadruple amputee ex marine… Taking a breathe… has a stoner politician zombie best friend and some times lover of cannibalism that teaches a kindergarten class of kids whose parents are a mixture of holocaust survivors and ex nazis. all while trying to find a world in which he and his cyborg jetski lover can co exist with the rest of the populace.

Actually, thated be an awesome show all together, but because I came up with that idea, with the SOPA in effect, Idea Yes Men couldn’t use it for their own gain. And movie producers would be forced to churn out horrible sequels of movies nobody EVER wants to see.

Gigli 3? BRRR… I just felt the cold, dead hand of Fate just by even suggesting that there could be a reality where a second one was forced out of the bloated corpse of whatever nightmare the first one was born from.

The point is, that with SOPA, Posterous (And mostly every site on the net cept for corprate sponsored ones) would cease to be. They would be gutted, deleted, and the servers which host a whole yotta ton of sweet, deliscious internet history, would be thrown into a pile a rotating magnets and lost forever.

However, this reality cannot be, because in that reality, my show idea about a gay, std infected, wheel chair bound, transgendered, black albinofied glam rocking half vampire half werewolf midget quadruple amputee ex marine would become reality.

And really, NO ONE wants that. Tell your lawmakers that if they EVER allow this thing, this evil, horrid thing to exist, you’ll mark every social profile they have as porn, spam, and false advetising.

Think about it. And as much as I hate the idea of Twilight fanfiction existing, the threat SOPA poses is far, far, deadlier to all our sanity. 

STOP SOPA! Stop the corporatizing of the internet! leave it free and wild westy, cause we want our deliscious std infected, wheel chair bound, transgendered, black albinofied glam rocking, half vampire/half werewolf, midget, quadruple amputee, ex marine porn to be awesome AND free when other people download it for free.

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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