hot chica, yellow dress. hot chica, yellow dress… hotpocket!

righty righty righty lefty! its time for another post by yours truly! left to my own devices, and summarily given a caffienated drip system of IV’s…. were gonna have some fun today! first up, a summary of yesterdays long winded unposted blog post:

1. got some weird calls in the last few weeks, think it might be slicks fault, not making judgement.
2. talked to a woman i know from somewhere, driving me crazy cause i cant figure out who she is or where i know her from at VVC.
3. uncle patricks kinda crazy at times, but made up for it by shaving the ZZ Top like neck mullet at the relay for life.
4. you see a fuzzy headed woman walking around town, you give her a hug and tell her that shes awesome for donating her hair to locks of love. also, she kinda kicked the crap out of the anti bald brats doll making forces. in short, they now make bald bratz.
5. lots of things happening in the story, most of em unexpected, even to  the guy writing the damned thing.
6. deleted a inactive blog, kept the audio one, cause i never know when somethings going to crop up.

okay, now that all of thats taking care of, we can get to the meat and guts of this bad boy. recently, ive been having this wierd contuning dream where there are decendents of the little crazy german dude with the awful mustache, and theyre building a boat as a way of rebranding that whole fiasco and put it behind them. only exept… its not working, and the boats fucking hideous as hell. i think i mightve set said hideous fucking boat on fire. twas a dream. so… yeah.

in other news, the caffienes kinda screwing with my system again. im experiencing the subtle and slight drop, mood wise into a stupression (depression with stupid self blaming thoughts for incidents that were entirely not my fault, nor did/would/could/should have a hand in its existence, I.E: someone in apple valley burning their morning bagel.) which only lasts a good two minutes but does two seconds worth of confidence crushing stuff.

next… there is a hot woman, in a yellow dress, with a pretty smile. i intend to talk to her. and proceed to make a mildly embarring fool of myself. MWA HA HA HA HA! i excite me. anyways, far as i can tell, the event starts at 3:30pm in the communitee room at the hesperia branch library! YAY ME! 3:30!

something interesting this way comes! okay, ive been meaning to do this for a while, but thanks in part to my lovely fluffball and part time overtly exitable dog, max gavin… DAMN STRAIGHT! MAX FRIGGIN GAVIN! they have hunter, britta, amelie, baby, and kodi blalock… i get max gavin. i like that name!

“in a world of druggy crime lords, lollypop guilds, and french poodles with no morals… there is only MAX GAVIN, private eye, and excitable fluffball!” CUE THEME SONG “watch with amazement as max gavin pees on a beach ball with eating a cookie, see in amazement the action packed, white knuckle action of him eating a hoagie while things explode for no reason what so ever! and witness the exciting romance between max gavin and the love of his life… a twelve foot long chew toy in the shape of ed helms rapidly disappearing nose hair!”

cue explosions, oohs, ahs, and ews, and suspensfull music.

“MAX GAVIN: PRIVE EYE, CHEW TOY CHEWER, AND EXCITABLE NINJA FLUFFBALL! WHIZZING ON A BEACHBALL FILLED THEATRE NEAR YOU! this film not yet rated, not to be seen by pregnant woman, people with heart problems, dick cheney, or bambi.”]

what was i talking about?

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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