things are a bit wierd with me at the moment, im not trying to out my thoughts as random interpretations of events gone passed without proper verification of the facts…. but i do believe i am very… very… VERY… hungry.

yessireebob, i am hungry. no fact checking required because lets face it folks, when youre hungry like i am, you can eatt the whole of the fucking sun in a goddamned heartbeat! so YAY FOR ME!  in other news, the parelli thingy was tiring, i dont know why. so much information was shoved into our mind throats that our brain mouths chewed on it like a chihuahua chomping down on a hileriously large beach ball.

yes, it was almost like the time romney won the election, but failed to do so cause the undies decided to chase after another hileriously large beach ball. i reaally…. dont know where this is going.

theres a connection between the woman in the yellow dress and kim. i know theres one out there. but my mind gullet is stuffed to the choking point with horse facts, that might take several weeks to digest. the fun part is the mental indigestion that may or may not take the form of nightmares. in which, i shall be sledding down a giant piece of BACON, wearing a siut made out of liberachis leftover rhinestones that didnt make the cut on his bedazzled coffin, being chased by a muzzled, war grizzled, telemarketer, and singing frank sinatra’s “i left my wallet in san fransisco, and thats why i cant take you out to dinner tonight. plus, you are ugly.”, AHH, THE GREAATEST HITS COLLECTION!

folks, im not crazy today, just feasting upon the storage of all the winters crazy that i did not get to yet. in that matter of fact action, i am taking the charge of stephen colberts super pac, and using those funds to make the above mentioned nightmare a reality. lawsuits will be made, but that hasnt stopped me before, when ive put intentionally fake plans, to actually real use.

like the time i thought the made was ghulda… but it turned out badda. or the time where i kicked a anthill over, and was sued by said hills ant queen for destruction of pile of dirt. yes, i do believe in my heart of hearts, that while channeling inner crazy person bijuu, i may attept the moons eye plan. in which i write about my level of stored up winter crazy, and unleash to no effect whatsoever.

folks, ive been watching the news, and between a guy whose our only hope and a guy with magical underwear that, may or may not, have been responsible for said bacon sliding nightmare, i am choosing to choose that choice of my own. which is a choice in and of itself.

truth be told, im somewhat excited for future elections, because of obamas presidency, there will always be a chance that meatballs very own Booger, will be president, and that will be a fun presidencies nose to pick. pun VERY MUCH intended.

i sometimes drink half a thermos of coffee that leaves me with enough energy to fiogure out that i have drank a little too much coffee, and thats not just because i think the thoughts that i just thought about thinking. thats because…. i thought them! AH HA! TAKE THAT, PERSON OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN, LOCALE, AND GENERATIONAL GRUMPINESS OVER KIDS INTENTIONALLY STANDING ON YOUR DEAD AND POORLY MAINTAINED LAWN!

 facebook, i dare not concede my utter demolition of chip houses, but i do give you the taste of bitterness of the strained berries of terratokiyuppers. AH HA! GOOD DAY SIR! ENJOY YOUR CRUMPETS AND GO PET A CUTE PUPPY IN A NICELY ORDAINED AND FRESHLY UNITED PET STORE CHAIN!

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