okay, things to know to grow and show!

Hokaido Tashimaste! Dosi oroshku! At any rate, here is a blog. I don’t know what the hell its  gonna be about or why the crap Facebook won’t friggin load up on the screen, but that’s not really my problemo at the moment. At the moment, my thoughts are of the stupid reason why today of all days was the day to crap out on writing.

That’s right, I’m whining about writing…. While I’m writing. It’s that important for YOU all to know the exact and stupid reason (Which I’ll never get to… All your fault.) Why… Oh dear friggin god why, I can’t seem to focus.

Maybe it’s because I’m just kinda spreading myself thin when it comes to the area of sub plots. Could be that, or the fact that for breakfast I undercooked a potato, ground that S.O.B up, and mixed it with eggs and bacon bits (BACON!) , fried it up all nice and quick like, then ate it like a breakfast burrito from hell!

MUA HA HA! I dislike my instestines!

… WTF!?

Getting back on track here, the ride was a little bit tiring, I checked the bikes tire pressure and suckers are as hard as rocks.

That means the tires are okay in the short term.

While I was out eating my tortillas and apple (Yay! Apple!) my bud Bruce and I talked about the Dorikame Saga: Birth of Change, pretty awesome and rare chat where I don’t automatically goof up. Anyways, mah main man asked about the connection the Liory have with their chosen, where Masla truly came from, and why he’s got such a vendetta for the Dorikames. I couldn’t reveal much to him, but I told him what I could and left it at that.


Anyways, maybe I’m just trying to rush through chapter 7 to get to ch. 8? That could be the case as I’ve been working on that brat for a good number of years now. It’s always surprises me that the previous chapters took WAY THE HELL SHORTER TIMES TO WRITE! But chapter 7!? OH HELL TO THE EFF NAW! It’s like Ch 7’s my little prison gaurd! IT WON’T LET ME PASS! Effin Gandalf.

Bitching about that aside, the several side projects I’ve got going on have taken a considerable and mostly silent backseat to SDD. Why that is, I do not know. Maybe its because I’ve been working on it so long that everything else is taking less precidence over it? Could be.

My butt itches, and I’m writing this, I want to scratch it, but I CAN’T! Dear god in heaven, its like, I can shuffle around a bit and hope to high heaven that’ll take care of the problem.

But it won’t. I can hope it will…. But it won’t.

Anyways, the list of stupid things I love procrastinating on are some stories that I want to get done. Such as the Masla’s Revenge quadrology, which I’m heavelly thinking of importing what I’ve got thus far onto a seperate blog and writing the series from there, War of the Holos, which will be awesome to write, cause I love doing multiple plots at once. I had a experiment in that called “Infinite Web”  and that seemed to work out pretty well before I puttered out on it.

Seriously, that was my tiny obsession…


For  the longest time, and the goal was to get to 200 characters total, I got to maybe a little over a fourth of that done.


At any rate… Blarg. Issabout 2:42pm, and I should really edit and post this bad boy before the hounds are released. Whoa, brain drain going on.

Okay, so follow me on this.

If hounds are REleased. Then doesn’t that mean the hounds were LEASED to begin with? More importantly, how long was the lease the hounds belonged to for in the first place? Does the lease have to be renewed every six months? What if the lease is like a phone companies contract?
Two year agreement?

If the hounds are REleased, does THAT mean that everytime they ARE, that a new contract has to be signed!? Hrmmmm…. Interesting point on that.


Yeah, that’s how it should be. are there different dog loosing companies competing with each other?

Its kinda weird the thoughts I have in the middle of more important ones, cause that just entirely distracts from whatever the hell I was talking about in the first place, and leaves you, the reader, wondering what the hell youre reading to begin with!

thats it from me, gotta get hom, maybe FB will friggin load tomorrow.

also there’s this:


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