okays… gotta do a quick shout out to… somebody. MWA HA HA HA!

Okays, so those of you who’ve been following mah bloog for a while know about the drama I went through a while back with a certain Slick Cherrick! Anyways, I just checked on his site he’s got going on, and I’m proud to say that the guys growing his brand out there! I’m proud of the little effer! So if you need something fixed just look for one of Slick’s flyers floating around the city and give him a call.

Of course, check out Slick’s site, n3rdnation.com only place for nerds to be… Well… Nerdy, I guess. I dunno, everytime I check up on the little dude, a glimmer of faint hope rekindles that part of me that says “Lessallbefwiends!”

Then, two minutes little, the rest of me kicks the fuck out of that part and I’m back to mah evah epicah loving self! Look, Slick, I don’t know if you still carry that special little useless grudge against me or not, but for the long run of things, may your site be the one place that nerds everywhere, whatever your thoughts of them be, have a safe haven to rant and rave their freaking heads off and vent a little steaam!

Who knows, might even be the next Facebook, Complete with privacy invading somethings…! MWA HA HA HA! I kid. Mostly.

In other news, while I was writing 27.4, I kept thinking of Dr. Who. So the part revolved around a tiny man in a tweed jacket who’s really just trying to watch some Oprah. I think Dr. Who would like Oprah.


It’s really fun to just let loose everyonce in a while. I’m having trouble getting onto Okcupid to try and search for the next screwed up love of my life, or some love of the next four hours. Hey, a guy has needs right? Anyways, despite all that, I get to thinking about all the fun we’ve had with our…. Deck of cards.

Sorry, I was trying segway from dating to our exchange student, and in the middle of that last sentence it just sounded oh so wrong.

Hence, the deck of cards remark.

Now that I’m on track, our exchange student we’re hosting has only a few weeks before she goes. and despite mah best effahts to not sprout a few leaks in the eyeball area, it’s… it’s getting tough for me. On the one side, I’m kinda happy she’s getting home to be with her family. On the other… I’m kinda dreading when she gets on the plane, cause it’ll be a few weeks of no herness. What I mean to say is that I’ll REALLY miss her when she goes. Bummer of a deal to be honest. Plus, I need to get a few more scares out of her before she goes.

Waaaaaah… Not crying. HA HA!

What else is there? Made a secret group on FB where mah friends and I can just let loose without worrying about FB drama going on. And its fun, still figuring out ways I can goof around a little bit. made two groups, one for the Dorikame Saga, and one for the hell of it.

Might as well have some freaaking fun on FB once in a while right? Shhhhhpeakin of which.. I LIKE TRAINS.

The woman in the yellow dress has been on my mind again. Kinda figured out that maybe she’s Kim, or maybe she just looks like her. Hoping it’s the second choice there. Don’t know why, but the smiling face always kinda sticks in the mind. Plus the fact that the bright colors help it stay in there as well. Oh wells, if we cross paths again, we do, if not, then we don’t.

I figure that since I’m single, all the problems I had talking to women before are present now, which might be a bummer? Or it might not… I might still be jaded from the broken engagement, though its not as prevelent as before. Which I think is AWESOOOOME! But at the same time, I’m trying to move away from the tiny cute chick types I liked so much before. 

But that aside, it’s good to be blooginh mah thoughts again. I’m finding that I’m a little bit more balanced that before, when all I was really trying to do was tick people off. Those were… not pleasant times for me. But before I get all wiped out and depressed again, I’m really just enjoying this limboistic time I’m having.

1:35pm at the library! yay! and 13 minutes left.

Herm… What else is there? Well, if any of y’all want to chat me up while I’m here at the Hesperia Branch Library, I usually get here around 10 to 10:30 am, and stay till 2 or 3:30 pm. Just don’t try to talk to me while I’m writing, I’m usually in the zone then. I do take breaks every so often, which does help! Man, I gotta remeber the Brewcipe(TM) I’ve got going for the coffee I take with me everyday. I think adding a few unground beans in the batch helps while I’m getting ready though!

Can’t wait for chapter eight! T’WILL BE FREAKISHLY SHWEET!


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