camgirls and the bandwidth issues that love them

well, its happened, im officially getting spammed by those fucking whores that showthemselves on cam. i love women, theyre great, wonderful, and at times, the most hilarious excuse to watch old redne3cks fight.

seriously. its fucking hilarious.

but one thing that annoys me more, is getting fucking spammed by them. oh sure, in the beginning its a normal conversation, then it turns creepy. just like ted nugents interview. its turns old, creepy, and weird faster and faster then i would like it to. why is it that when im trying to write a fucking part for the god damned story, im assialed by these idiot lolitas that think just because they have boobs, that i want to see them, and they have this whole damned thing scripted out, and its always on this autopilot! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!? honestly!

to be honest, i find it rather intriguing that theyre simply using what gentics gave them to make money. its the new twist to the oldest profession in the world! its e-hookers! not only will they propisition you, when you turn them down, they assume youre a virgin! wow! WAY TO MAKE A FIRST GREAT IMPRESSION YOU SOULESS BITCHES! if it were that easy to make money just by swinging around what yo momma gave ya by streaking down a diseased metal pole in some fucked up strip joint, i think a lot more people would be doing that!

my other issue is with the damned bandwidth of this place, with my writing, i require a constant, easy flowing stream of music to block out anything that would distract me from my otherwise boring life. but at the same time, i realise that the library only has so much badwidth before things get strained.

this does not make my job easier at all!

not to mention i pounded down a full containter of coffee to help with my concetration, but nooooo! the fucking muysic has to fucking cut out on me while im getting a damned flow going! that totally screws up the part i had in mind, because when im visulizing when im writing, its like a thumpin soundtrack going on in the backround!

IS IT SO FREAKISHLY HARD FOR THE LIBRARY TO GET A FEW MORE ROUTERS UP AND RUNNING TO GIVE THE PATRONS WHAT THEY NEED TO VIEW THEIR POINTLESS MUSIC VIDEOS!? yes i am being a little bit unreasonable, but with good reason. ever since my netbooks screen got cracked, ive had to deal with these kinds of interruptions. which is why i always try to get here by 10 in the morning, that way, i can get done what needs to be done, and no ones feeleings get hurt in the process, mainly my own.

cause… in this respect, im kind of a passive agressive douchenugget when…. FUCK IT! im just going to start bringing my damned tiny radio when it comes to these kinds of things. that way, i dont have to deal with all of these interruptions!

im too pissed to edit this. camgirls and bandwidth issues together are fucking evil

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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