Attitude adjustment…

folks, im kinda pissed at the moment. not just regular pissed, but somewhere on them ission of “OHMAHGAWD!” and “well… THAT just happened.” pissed. you see, living with the folks has its ups and downs. one of the downs is that at times, you feel trapped because of one REALLY irritating persons opinipons thatj ust so happens to think they rule the house with a iron fist.

that is the downside im trying to ignore at the moment, because i usually try to end those bickering moment as quickly as possible before they get out of hand. and thats pretty much what started a few days ago. not mentioning name or gender. i really fucking want to though. anyways, i dont know what snapped in her mind to start acting like a raving bitch… okay, mentioned gender. not mentioning the name, but she gets into these hellish moods where EVERYTHING irritates her, no matter how at peace the world may seem to you, shell find one reason or another to start on you like youve done some horrible, horrible thing, and that it requires her to snap at you.

its even in the simple things, i really do think that she starts these miniarguments and then prods the fires just to see how far into the red she gets me. i fucking hate it whenever she does these things. and the worst part is that its ALWAYS two to one, WHY!? i mean, just one time, id like to be the one who doesnt have to get riled up because she just wont STOP TALKING.

people whove known me a long time know that i only give back the attitude that person is giving me. thats it. nothing more, nothing less. im not trying to get on her nerves, im not doing shit back.

the really fucked up part is that shes always told me to stand up to people who are giving me crap. and when she gives me crap, and i stand up to her, she always gets pissed when i dont back down and tries to pull some military rank shit on me. or better yet, tells me that she sends texts or photos of all our arguments or what caused them in the first place! REALLY!? come on!

then again, it always seems to me that she does this stuff because she really DOES enjoying being in a position of power. a friend of mine told me that poor people who have nothing often resort to causing trouble for those they feel are in a lower position than themselves. this does explain alot as to why she flies off the handle, and then pretends like she doesnt.

fuck… im tired of this shit… its just irritating now more than ever when ever she does it, and it really doesnt prove much to me about what shes really going on about.

so i did the only thing i could think of when she started up again this afternoon. i went out back, gave the horses some hay, got a bottle of water, started to make my coffee before her bitchiness demanded that i stay out of HER way. and the only way i could do this was just… never mind. at any rate, i simply cooled off, got my shoes on, endured another slightly animalistic musing by the freaking hellion, and went to the library to cool off, turn my books in, and vent my frustrations.

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