Well, I’m back!

for how long? who the fuck knows anymore. im not trying to troll anyone, or anything for that matter. had enough of that bullshit.  but things are a bit different now. i dont know how or why, or when they became thisway, but they are for reasons that will remain my own.

anyways fellow postorians, my days for a while have been filled with either gleefull killing of stupid fake dinos on monster hunter tri, shooting fake soldiers in modern warefare three, or simply wondering what the fuck to think of anything in general. also on a side note, ive been making my way up to the hesperia branch library and working on the story there. 

and its the most awesome bike ride ever! for a while, i took timberlane to main and just went nuts there for a while! then i discovered the shorter route, i to main to 7nth and i was all “this is epic!” so for a few weeks, that just been how iver been doing things for a while. till now that is! 

the reason for my temp break is that my loving dog tripped. and something broke, so… i was fucked for a while. that is just the nature of things i suppose. for a while, i didnt really do much.  then it struck me to get out and see the… well, high desert and not much else. i walked for a while, and then i rode mah bike to and from the library. which is awesome. nerdy dude getting some fucking heart racing stuff in right? riiiight. anyways, thats what ive been up to, and even though it hasnt been much, its still better than nothing. thats for sure. 

but now ive got a new screen! yay for fucking me! its a biggun too! 

anyways, ive got a lotto stuff to update on this son of a bitch… and i am not too proud of it at all. worst of all, mah mouse usb connector thingy aint where it shouldve been to begin with and the side of my sack kinda itches too.  well, thats it for now. ill try to update this as regularly as i can with whatever thoughts pop into mind. so dont go expecting anything grand!


Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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