confidential stuff is confidential…

For the past few weeks I’ve been writing a separate blog about the goings ons of a group of friends of mine. I don’t use last names, or go into explicit detail about personal issues. I do however, for the sake of relieving confusion about what the hell is exactly going on, reveal some of the more important aspects. Yay! I’ve got something to write about again, and all for the exception of one person, they don’t seem to mind. I’ve told them im doing this, and they don’t seem to mind. blogging is one thing, that I just try to find the fine line between what’s going on and what I shouldn’t be telling people. Which is really hard when there’s just SO MUCH FUCKING STUFF going on that I would like to talk about more openly, but at the same time, try to respectfully respect them in that respect. 

But how do I go about writing about what the big topic of the group is? Easy, just write about it really. And I can tell that the groups main focus is one of our members choice regarding a personal matter. Now far be it to just blatantly say “YOU DID A BAD THING AND NOW WE ARE ALL SAD BECAUSE OF THIS!” Which, I have done on a few occasions myself. I have to be fair and honest without going so far overboard that the person I’m writing about htinks I’m just being a giant asshole. And yes, I am very guilty of doing that with my dealings of hauptman111, or as he is truly known, uTwin weod, even though he won’t fess up to it. 

My point is that when someone tells me something in confidentiality, I don’t go telling another person about it because they asked me what we were talking about. Writing it out is a process, that for sometime has been both a treasure trove and a burden to me at times.

Will people get ticked sometimes because they don’t agree with what I have to say?
Of course!
Will some other poeple agree with me, just to agree, yes.
And will there be people out there who think all of this is bullshit they wasted their time because, hey, what else is there to do at this time of the day anyway?
Of course. 

The point being that no matter what angle I take on a subject, there will always be both rewards and punishments, even if they’re far off into the future. It sometimes boggles my mind at this process, which is largely why I haven’t been regularly writing posts. Sometimes the story takes precedence, other times, I just don’t have the time to write a drawn out post. 

Speaking of which, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my two newest blogs “Fun times” and “Alan’s movies”, links will be provided at the bottom of this post! 

1. Alan’s Movies 

2. Fun times

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