Hook Elementary School

What drives a student to knowingly raise a gun at another student, during school hours?
Can’t take it anymore?
Well, whatever your answer, try applying it to this.

What drives a man, no… this guy’s not a man, he’s a coward. What kind of mindset do you have to have in order to raise a gun to a child and pull the trigger? I know that’s the question that will be revolving around many of the parents of the victims of the Hook Elementary School shooting. it’s there. The madness that’s come over the planet over the last few months is overwhelming. today though… Today is something else entirely. I woke up at 2:33am from a fitful sleep to log on and read the front page of Yahoo! like I always do before attempting to write. 

As my eyes scanned t he home page, I saw there was yet another in a rapidly increasing line of school shootings. But this one caught my eye. The words ‘elementary’, ‘children’, and ’20 year old gunman’ slammed open my focus. It just raised the question you saw at the top of  this post. 

What could have crossed that mans mind, what was the straw that broke the camels back for him in order to flip a switch and say “Todays the day I go kill children.”

Let that sink in for a  bit. Let it stew in your heads for a bit. That man is… WAS… a child murderer. He took himself out. Somebody took him out.

Adam Lanza is dead. The world is pretty much the same place it was before, during, and after the fact. The parents of the victims, as well as brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and, yes, even bullies as wierd as it might seem, will be affected by this. I say the words ‘Will be affected’ because both you and I know this to be true.

During the article, I read that teachers locked their classrooms, calmed the kids in their classrooms down, and in the case of Vicki Soto, sacrificed themselves so that their students might live.

This day… This day is different.

This is the day where things start to spiral out of control.  

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