Thusly… the end isn’t nigh.

Well, how’s about this for a change of pace? My old boss Nick is in the process of writing a book of his own. “The Great Aspie” not the great gatsby. Or is it the Great Batsgy? At any rate, the guys doing something productive with his time, aside from his usual gig of doing what he does. The simple fact that Nick’s writing gives me a warm feeling in my chest, one that means that, despite whatever conflicts I might’ve had in the past about the guy (Unless he decides to pop that up again, hope not. Just got over the whole thing a few months back.) 

Anyways, normally when I’m talking about the guy, I’m very… unpleasant about what I have to say about him. Mostly he truth, but still. The end of a year, people need to just get over whatever shit is bottled up inside them. but i will say this, I’m not expecting hugs and rainbow farts right off the bat. the dudes been kinda screwed over by a lot of people, except in the case of his buddy, Goldfalcon.

Anyways, aside from the huge temptation I have to try and write a theme song based on that Name alone, check his site out:, as it’s pretty badass with the zombie background.

Remember, if the guy bites the hand that’s giving him free publicity on his blog and Writing project, i’ll just let him bite away. He’s mostly harlmess anyways. On the upswing, CHINCHILLAS!

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