Meh, mehmeh, meh, mehmehmeh, meh! ICETICKLE!

As is with the rest of whatever the fuck year it is, sometimes I like to look back at tyhe people with whom I’ve burned bridges and see if they’ve gotten back to normal (I.E: Not ticked at me for whatever reason). A while back, I checked up on my Ex-boss, Nick Masseria, Seems he’s got himself a blog, a book idea and some other things.

Good on you sir! I hope that you find the courage to extend the hands of friendship out to another human being someday, and hide the fact that at times, you TOO can be a dick at the right moment in t he wrong place.

But that’s mostly a temporary thing. At least, I hope it is. Myself, I recently finished (YES! Finished!) a short story called Tard the Grumpy Cat kill One Direction. Explanation for this clearly volitile piece of work:

Fuck you, That’s why.

I write stuff to write them, if they turn out great, than cool beans. Likewise for the opposite direction. They just become another soldier in my Army of the Incomplete. 

I’m going to write a post everyday, even if I don’t feel like it.

That means there WILL be shit eating grin posts about things that piss me off, annoy me and anything else that happens to be on my mind. They won’t be long or short, somewhere in between.

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