Well! I guess I should try updating this every once in a while. but for the most part, it’s all groovy tuesday, and screw the bunch of you that hate that saying. You wanna know why? cause it’s all groovesteak. don’t know what that means? it means it’s MIDGET TIME! that just means you bring your midget friend to work and just… you know… work. Pretty simple. Plus, it’s fun for him. i don’t know why, it just is. i guess it really depends on the social development and mental growth of the midget in question, but beyond the psychological and physical aspects of those within the little person community being surround by… I want to say big person? buuuut I won’t, anyways, depending on those two or three factors as well as the personal preferences of said midget friend, you just might get head butted in the crotch, because that might better than getting uppercutted in the crotch by a little dude who’s a black belt. Seriously! 


almost said HADOKEN! but that’s a fireball move for Ryu in the street fighter series. Always loved that game. But i guess the Hadoken + Falcon PAUNCH would equate to a bad assed move called “Falcon PAUNCH HADOKEN!” and you combine Captain Falcon with Ryu Hoshi, you melt faces, cause gushers, and essentially become GOD of bad assery all around. In fact, I’d like to name my firstborn son, “Captain Ryu ‘Falcon’ Hoshi” and teach him at a young age the awesome and face paunching move “Falcon… Paunch…. HAAAADOOOOKEN!” Pronounced exactly like that. 


Let’s see bullies take that little guy on in schooling years. Teach him some ninjistu, ninja puppetry, nunchaku, sword arts, and buy him a replica Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7. Fuck it, buy him two, teach him dual weilding and acrobatics, and watching him get laid 29/8/764. That’s right! My kid’ll be too awesome for regular time, they’ll invent a new form of time just for him! MWA HA HA HA HA! “Falcon Paunch HADOKEN!”


If only… What was I writing about? Hard to focus on a topic when there’s a movie about problematic turbulence in a single mothers life when she lies about having a kid to impress a guy and… I blanked out for t he rest ofi t beyond that point. also, yesterday, I was walking and I thought I’d lost about thirty minutes of time and was on peach, but it turns out I blanked for ten seconds and was still on Jacaranda..


So much for that idea panning otu greatly. also, i’ve not really spent much time on prepping myself for the eventual retaking of the ASVAB, but I keep telling myself and the greater heights I fly, the more people I get to crap on if I were a pidgeon. SERIOUSLY! Do pidgeons crap on command? DO THEY!? Or projectile crapping. Get a Projectile Crapping pidgeon for my kid, Captain Ryu ‘Falcon’ Hoshi, and every teach that bird how to projectile crap in the direction my kids pointing on the word HADOKEN!  LMAO! 


i’m hyper. Not drunk. If this were a drunk note, there’d be more celeb jokes and hating on teen fads that boggle the mind beyond reasoning. I think that’s the only reason I do it actually, I think it comes from a naturally occurring trust issue with current trends and thinking they’ll only last for a certain amount of times. Most trends do because of the influence that celebs, politicians, and various other factors have on our kids. For example:


Niki “Technicolor hair style” Minage can be attributed to the developement of the Scene Kids Subculture, mainly that the influence to make their hair styles more trippy than a Acid trip while watching an episode of the !rst generation Power Rangers through a fragmented lens, comes from her outrageous hairstyle and attitude. 


how the crap did she manage to get famous again? Screaming at people? Seems like it now a days. also, i’d like to touch on the subject of our once epic societies gradual decline into a place where we have to feel sorry for saying the slightest thing that irkes the anal retentive cross sections of our species the wrong ways. I’d like to attribute this little thing to the fact that I consider some sections of our society as “Opinion Oppressionist”, meaning that if somebody famous decides to say screw all this noise and just riff the hell out of something long enough, eventually somebody with a bit too thin skin is going to make some noise about it.


and while that’s all good and nice and fun, there are certain topics (Gay Marriage, Womens right to choose what to do with the baby, the the ever increasing “Opinion Oppressionist” cross section that seems to be growing and their thoughts that “You can’t say that, not while I’M watching!” is the right way to do things. Ect.)  that need to be discussed without some idiot sticking their fingers in their ears, closing their eyes, and holding their breath while thinking the subject will change before they die of… well, not breathing.


It’s kinda weird how these notes fall into place. the first half is just random crap flowing from my mind, and the second half is somewhat intellectual discussion about our ever changing society. Orrrrrr could be that I need more coffee. Well, off to stare at the screen for five minutes, find some stupid thing to stare at for another five minutes, and then repeatedly bash my face into the keyboard and produce a weirdly readable note. 


“Class, this is Captain Ryu ‘Falcon’ Hoshi Gavin”




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