Crusading… Or simply being an ass?

I’ll admit it, the chance to tear some ass hat a new one is REALLY overwhelming. I have a history of tearing trolls a new one by becoming one myself. It’s something of a addiction form e, because I get to vent some of my pent up frustrations against a faceless (or someone with a face in rare occasions) entity that I care nothing about. I just see something that irks me, and if a friend of mine is having trouble with them bugging em on the site (the troll bugging THEM… Or me.) I just start tearing into them with what I already know about them.

It’s my guilty pleasure, my little shame full secret that I’m somewhat proud of. It’s also the thing that’s preventing me from working on proper projects like “Sogno Della dinistia” or Sword and Scythe Productions related projects. I don’t know whether or not to be proud of this talent of tearing people apart because it primarily means I have to become a bigger dick than the person I’m going after. In the past, the usually meant reading up on the person, then starting a rant half cocked as to what I was usually going for. 

On the blogging site I’m currently on, Matchdoctor and Adultmatchdoctor (They’re less of dating sites and more of people bitching about politics and religion or whatevers on their minds at the moment. Good stuff over all.) I’m currently gunning at a dude I refer to only as “958” during regular hate bomb filled posts that thrill me to no end. The problem being that I often get positive reinforcement via comments on said blogs. and for the most part, 958 is simply a psychotic obsessive who’s been going after the site for ten years, simply because they booted him.

you have to understand, me getting REGULAR comments from other users, not just links to spam sites, half assed cambots, or other such common place tactics, but actual users, is something new to me. So I often delve further and further into this whole Troll Nuker thing I’ve got going on. It’s my addiction to roll out the hate bombs like I’m getting candy forever on howloween, but there’s something bugging me about the whole thing. something that just doesn’t sit right with me. but I keep pressing on, losing a bit of myself each time because I feel like I have to impress others.

but the troll bombings mostly on Adultmatchdoctor, on Matchdoctor I just write about the usual stuff, life, thoughts, random crap that comes to mind. More often than not, it makes me sick, or even scared that I might actually accomplish something, but not the thing I want, but the thing that others want out of my actions… So, am I simply crusading against a perceived and known evil on the sites? Or am I simply just being a bigger ass then the guy I’m gunning for? 

Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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