Welcome to the first day of the rest of five minutes!

Big issues
! We’ve all got issues with big issues. ‘specially Vanity Fair, those things are fucking huge! As the great andm ighty… Someone or other would’ve said, had this been made up, “Something… Blah.” Dunno. My biggest gripe today would have to be the group dynamic of presentations, you know? there are about five or six of us in a class group, with one of the women and myself Co-Leading the group in our Science class, and our topics have to deal with horses. One of these topics is the Seven Friendly Games by Pat Parelli,  and my contribution to the group was the awesome idea of having our school mascot come down and help us demonstrate the games! Awesome right?

so, I went ahead and got all the talking points done with the Student Body guy, and he’s cool with it, I confirmed with the back up person in charge, and finally talked with one of the dudes that may or may not be there on the date of our presentation and got that out of the way. So this morning, as part of the meeting I was supposed to have, I was going to have the gal that wrote a paper on the seven games come up with me to help better explain just what it was going to entail. Fine, Great, we got that sorted out.

then comes a fun little Textgument, because shit goes sideways at the best of times, and I had to reign in a idea of using a real horse. Basically told her that I had worked my ass off getting this thing together and wasn’t getting steamrolled by another idea. worst part of it was that I WAS ticked off, but I couldn’t.

So that cooled off, damage control, and whatnot, fun fun. then I’m talking with this one woman, we go to an art gallery, hang out, chat it up a bit with her and her friends when I notice that it’s a bit passed Two o’clock, and I’m thinking, “Oh shit, gotta jet”. Get there at 2:03 and the dude left. My day is complete. But it works out in the end, because turns out, both dudes are going to be in tomorrow! Yeah, so I rescheduled it for then, and everybodies happier than fuck. Specially me, cause I’m a bit hyper right now.

Well, that’s it for now!

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