“Gojira is Reborn!” *Sounds of city wide destruction, chaos, and mimes screaming*

It’s that time again! time for the Big Green, the King of Monsters, the walking death beam to rule them all…. Gojira!

“I ordered my coffee with NO froth. This… This looks like froth.”

Needless to say, that this is the second attempt for hollywood at making a decent Gojira flick.With the exception of Matt B. who was not, I repeat not responsible for the utter tripe thatwas their first Optical Illusion of Fan traumatizing hell, known as Godzilla.

To be fair, his character did see the giant iguana scratching its crotch. No celebs career has ever recovered from that kind of thing.

However, that being said, let’s take a look at that horrendous trailer…

Versus the newest one:

And then let us cry in utter jubilance and somebody up in corperate decided not to throw the new guy out the window for daring to go back to the formula that’s worked for the King of Monsters for so long!

That being said,  here’s your DFTD, or Dilbert For The Day!


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