Some are great, other’s aren’t so great!

Hello internet, for whatever the fuck it’s really worth… Today, I’m just going to vent my frustration, and yes, it might be pointed at a single individual, but what the fuck, right? Lately, Twitter, has become a second or third home with a few mortal kombat rounds thrown in for good measure. Twitter, like most microblogging sites, has it’s ups and downs. The ups mainly include recording thirty second vids for people that request them. And for the most part, I love ALL my Selfied Ones, and yes, that is apparently a thing.

But… there are those days where I’m thinking, “Why do I do this again?” To which my brain kicks my balls in the balls… In THEIR balls, and whispers in that devilish tone, “you do it… for the BOOKS.” In a way, that’s pretty damned true, but along with the majority of things I do for fun or work or worfun, heh worfun, I really have to take this with a grain of sand or a truckload of salt, because for the most part, and as plenty of other great examples have taught us, if something or someone grows in popularity for a long enough time, there will be both the supporters and the detractors, regardless of what that thing or person actually does to gain that popularity.

that being said, I’ve raced passed the tipping point of popularity, that moment where everything is peachy keen dean and starts to reveal the other side of the quarter. For that lovely insight into the duality mankind, I have @unfuckable to thank for this example in rampant rage taunting. but before I get into that, as most things, I’d like to point out that I generally try my best to do the right thing, sometimes, it’s just not easy when dealing with people who think they have an advantage over you… Seriously.

Also, he’s a damned Troll.

Not as damned Zombie killing handsome as this little troll doll of disappointment, but slightly closer.

You see, I get asked/requested/ordered/hen pecked to follow my fans all the time. and in the time, I had the great and wonderful excuse of reaching the twitter follow/follower ratio limit. This, for the most part, gave me some semblance of relaif, and caused me a little dance of joy anytime I could follow someone new. Also, maybe handing out my new skype handle was a bit of a misstep. but, live and learn right?

Anyways, sometimes, I’m unable to follow a person because of one thing or another, but I learned that my fans, those rabid vid swallowing gluttons for joy and wonder, (good thing) can be little bastards when I don’t follow them back. I read through the Twitter TOS and it was pretty clear that Twitter was not a SOCIAL MEDIA site, in which a friend request accepted pretty much meant you two were bonded for life, or until one person got sick of the others BS and unfriended them.

Kinda like this. but less freaky.

instead, twitter states in perfect black and white, that you following someone doesn’t really mean that you’ll get a follow back, it simply means that the persons updates will appear in your home page on twitter. It’s a one sided deal that rubs some raw, and for some reason, people seem to think that following means a follow back. but really, it just means they find your stuff interesting, even if you don’t feel the same. but hey cera cera, whatever will be, will be.

However, teens, now a days, seem to have mistaken twitter FOR a social media site like facebook and myspace, and it’s really strange how the dynamic actually works. But this topic flows into an earlier one I was writing about. this dude, @unfuckable, ambushes me in the middle of a group call on Skype, because that’s just something people do, kind of the opposite of “A wild Rattata appears” while wandering around in the tall grass.

Like this, only with more rage, swearing, and inferiority complex issues.

Anyways, apparently, he requested a follow back and I being the entirely evil bastard that I am for reasons unknown, ignored his request. Simply for that reason alone, he bursts onto the call like a fourth of july fire works finale and starts digging into me, calling me all manner of weird bullshit. And the whole time, I’m trying to contain the the call as much as I can. but… things got progressively worse, and I ended up raging myself, and we all known rule number one:

This. I failed at this. What it says? I did the opposite.

I fed the fucking troll. And boys, did fuzzy lumpkins grow up fast into the hatred spewing bag of dicks we all knew he could possibly be. With flying fucking colors. but I blocked him, and after considerable time contemplating the meaning of the internet, I mean life, I lambasted him by blocking him on Twitter, posting an antibullying thingy, and posting a picture of my Hater blocking Eyepatch. Because fucking reasons.

needless to say, I was shaken to the point where i’m now writing a blog about the experience and have thus become a Tibetan Amish monks nightmare. I have no idea what, I refuse to explore that possiblity, let’s simply move the fuck on.

Actually, I’m just plain as hell wiped out at this point…

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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